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Top 5 Dry Skin Tips to Plan for the Coming Months

by JJ Follano 15 Oct 2014 0 Comments
Top 5 Dry Skin Tips to Plan for the Coming Months
Cooler weather calls for dry skin tips to keep your skin radiantly gorgeous. The cold might bring out a glowing color and rosy cheeks, but the dryness causes discomfort or irritation for all skin types. This increases flaky and cracked skin. The dryness also results in further trouble down the line by aging the skin. You might find premature lines and wrinkles develop because of a long dry spell if you don’t take protective steps. People with skin conditions, such as eczema or other inflammatory disorders, suffer the most. But even they, along with everyone else, can benefit by introducing a few procedures into their regular routine in the fall and winter. Dryness becomes an annoyance whether you’re inside or outside. The cold weather dries your skin out, which can lead to cracking. When you go back inside, the sudden warmth feels fine, but the indoors also rob your skin tissue of moisture.

Make Your Appearance Lively with Dry Skin Tips

normal skinIf you worry that there’s nowhere to go to escape damage to your skin, fear not. It just takes the normal skin care you’ve used to maintain hydration, plus some extra steps that are easy to remember in the coming months. Here are five dry skin tips to make your appearance lively and stunning through the cool and cold phases ahead. ♦Ask an esthetician about skin care advice on your particular type of skin. You might know estheticians from your salon, spa or skin care clinic. These licensed professionals are trained and certified to maintain and improve the health of your skin. They can give you great tips on combating dryness and even enhancing your appearance! You can also check with your dermatologist if you have concerns about certain skin conditions. Some dermatologists even hire estheticians to work for them and provide their clients with the best care. ♦Moisturize with organic skin care products that naturally hydrate your skin. Moisturizers from Eminence Organic Skin Care contain such ingredients as mineral oil, primrose oil and other natural oils that have a non-clogging effect on your pores. Alpha hydroxy acids in many Eminence products attract moisture in to keep your skin soft and smooth. Night creams provide essential oils to balance your skin.

Eminence Collection Takes Care of All Dry Skin Tips

♦Cleansers with organic ingredients deeply hydrate your skin tissue without the harsh chemicals or additives that can strip essential oils from your skin. You can utilize all dry skin tips with a collection of products that moisturize and revitalize your skin in the new Age Corrective Starter Set. You’ll have all your needs with Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser, Bamboo Age Corrective Masque, Bamboo Firming Fluid, Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer and Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum. ♦Use a humidifier when coming in from the cold into the warm confines of your home. Humidifiers are also a good idea for your office. Heating systems and individual heaters provide warmth from the outside, but they also send dry air into the enclosed environment. Humidifiers placed throughout your home and office provide the area with moisture.

Avoid the Heat to Make Dry Skin Tips Work

♦Avoid hot baths and showers, even though they seem so soothing and comfortable as an escape from the cold. Such hot comforts break down the barriers within your skin and cause moisture to seep out. Instead, stay with warm water and try to stay in or under the water a shorter time than usual to help make these dry skin tips work. 
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