Face Tonic & Toner

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What do face tonics and toners do?

Face tonics and toners are versatile products designed to refresh and balance the skin's pH. They sweep away any residual impurities post-cleansing, ensuring the skin is prepped and primed for further treatments. For skin types that need a gentle touch, our Anti-Aging Face Cream offers a soothing experience.

What are the benefits of using face tonics and toners?

Beyond balancing, these products can hydrate, soothe, and even provide a layer of protection. They pave the way for better absorption of serums and creams, ensuring you get the most out of your skincare routine. For those with normal skin, our Anti-Aging Face Serum is a perfect choice.

How do face tonics and toners fit into a skincare routine?

After cleansing, sweep a tonic or toner over your face using a cotton pad. This step helps to remove residual makeup or impurities, setting the stage for a Anti-Aging Face Cleanser. To give your skin an added boost, try our range of Anti-Aging Facial Toner.