In The Spotlight: Eminence Calendula Oil
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In The Spotlight: Eminence Calendula Oil

Eminence Calendula Oil is a serum loaded with alpha and beta carotenoids that will enhance your skin's natural healing systems and infuse it with antioxidants to leave your skin looking radiant and smooth.
Eminence is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results. With continued use of our Eminence Calendula Oil, your skin will appear smoother and revitalized. The epidermal layer will appear regenerated, healing will be augmented and your overall complexion will appear more even. In order to achieve optimal results, apply a thin layer over the entire face or to the affected areas 1-3 times daily. You can also simply add a few drops (amount commensurate to amount of other product being used) of Eminence Calendula Oil to any of our Eminence Whip Moisturizers in order to increase and enrich moisturizing effects. We strongly suggest using in combination with our Eminence Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream! The two form a perfect pair. This product may also be used to augment the oil content of other products. Please note, Eminence Calendula Oil is NOT RECOMMENDED for use with other products that have a high oil content. This product contains both Calendula, which is known for having extremely moisturizing and soothing qualities and Wheat Oil, which nourishes the skin with critical Vitamins F &E. Whether you have sensitive, dry, dehydrated, or sun-damaged skin, our Eminence Calendula Oil is the perfect all-natural remedy to replenish, repair and protect it from further damage. "Just add a couple of drops to your moisturizer for an extra punch of hydration that you can really feel." -Stacy Kiebler Verified Buyer Interested in purchasing our Eminence Calendula Oil? You can find it in a 1 oz. / 30mL bottle here.

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