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5 Ways Your Daily Workout Is Destroying Your Skin

by JJ Follano 06 Mar 2017 0 Comments
5 Ways Your Daily Workout Is Destroying Your Skin
Exercise can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. But did you know your daily workout can also lead to breakouts and painful chafing if you don't take certain preventative measures? Don't worry, we are here to tell you exactly what those preventative measures are! The sweat dripping down your face doesn't have to destroy your skin.
1. Clogged-Pores & Horrible Breakouts: The sweat, oil, and dirt that accumulates while working out can lead to clogged pores and breakouts (especially around your chest, face, and back). But, preventing breakouts while working out is actually a no brainer. It might seem like common sense, but choosing NOT to wear makeup to the gym allows your pores to breathe better and prevents them from becoming clogged (thus preventing breakouts and blemishes). When you are finished working out for the day, take the time to cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser such as our Stone Crop Gel Wash or Lemon Grass Cleanser. For optimal results, it's always recommended to follow the use of a cleanser with a toner such as our popular Stone Crop Hydrating Mist. 2. Embarrassing Bacne: Let's face it - there's not much more cringe-worthy than bacne (back acne). But, like breakouts, bacne is completely preventable (and it doesn't have to be difficult)! We all want to look our best, but don't waste your time dressing up to go to the gym! Wearing breathable clothing is a much healthier choice for your skin. Check out some of the newer, advanced fabrics on the market today that help wick sweat away from your skin naturally. Very cool! 3. Dangerous Sun Damage: Guess what? Whether you are working out inside or outside, you are still exposed to dangerous UV radiation. Running on a treadmill or lifting weights by a window at the gym does not put you out of harm's way. Anytime you go to work out, make sure you are applying (and reapplying) sunscreen. There are several sunscreen lotions designed specifically for use during workouts (drip-free). Use them! 4. Painful Irritation & Chafing: Ok, so chafing is almost as gross as bacne! Chafing is caused by the chronic rubbing of skin on skin or clothing on skin. Basically, friction. Applying a hydrating, all-purpose moisturizer such as our Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer or Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer to your skin prior to working out allows the skin to glide and prevents painful irritation and chafing post-workout. 5. Aging & Wrinkles:It's no secret, everyone is worried about aging. Clients reach out to us all of the time that are worried the wear-and-tear from running will break down collagen in their skin, leading to sags and wrinkles. There is no scientific evidence to suggest whether these claims are right or wrong. But, those who are really concerned about aging may want to select a lower-impact activity such as aerobics or rollerblading. 
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