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Oregano | A Powerful Oil That Can Remove Skin Tags & Other Unsightly Blemishes

by JJ Follano 01 Mar 2017 0 Comments
Oregano | A Powerful Oil That Can Remove Skin Tags & Other Unsightly Blemishes
Oregano is not just an herb used in fancy Italian dishes, it is also an extremely powerful immune-support oil with the ability to remove unsightly blemishes including moles, warts, and skin tags. Before diving in to our explanation on how this super-oil works to remove blemishes, it is important to note that Oregano is considered a "hot oil." Always dilute this oil with another carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, before using it on the skin (especially with children). If not used properly, this oil can actually "burn" your skin. Oregano should be used in a "10 day on, 10 day off" cycle - this oil is so powerful that your body actually needs time to rest while using it. You should also always confirm with your primary physician prior to attempting a home remedy to remove a blemish, just to make sure that what you are working with is a harmless overgrowth and not something more serious.

1. Apply Oregano Directly To Blemish: You will want to apply a liberal amount (4-5 drops) of DoTERRA Oregano Oil directly to the skin tag (or other harmless overgrowth). Oregano has antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. When applied topically, Oregano serves both as a cleansing and numbing agent. You may experience initial irritation, as described previously, when applied initially (this should subside within a couple of minutes).

2. Pull Blemish Taut: Next, grab the stalk of the skin tag and pull it taut. All skin tags have a base, where they meet the healthy skin and a stalk, which is the actual overgrowth. By grabbing the stalk, you are making the base of the skin tag more visible and easily accessible for efficient remover. 3. Tie A Knot Around The Tag: Using silk thread or dental floss, tie a knot around the base of the skin tag. You will need to keep the thread in place until the skin tag falls off. Tying a double-knot can help to keep the thread more secure. 4. Cut Loose Ends Of Thread: To keep the process clean throughout your treatment, you will want to cut off any loose ends on the thread. Since your goal is to remove the blemish, you do not need a fresh piece of thread each day. 5. Continue Applying Oregano Oil: You need to continue applying DoTERRA Oregano Oil directly to the overgrowth 2-3x daily. Oil should be allowed to completely air-dry before dressing. Please be observant of the normal color changes that will occur over the next few days. This is a result of the oxygen supply to the skin tag having been cut off (you may see color change from red to purple, blue or even black).

6. Apply Antibacterial Ointment: Finally, when the skin tag does fall off (usually within two weeks), you will want to apply a high-quality antibacterial ointment (such as Neosporin) to the surrounding area and keep covered with a bandage. Keep covered, changing bandage daily, until healed.

In order to successfully complete this treatment, you will need to purchase DoTERRA Oregano Oil. You can do that directly through our authorized retailer, by clicking here.
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