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One Massage Guaranteed To Leave You With A Dewy Glow - Completely Free!

by JJ Follano 27 Feb 2017 0 Comments
One Massage Guaranteed To Leave You With A Dewy Glow - Completely Free!
Who would have thought that massaging your face with something as simple as an ice cube could give you such a clean, clear and beautiful complexion? But think about it... A surprisingly frequent practice among celebrities like Kate Moss and Jasmine Tookes, the ice massage is increasing in popularity for its' ability to deliver flawless, beautiful skin in just a couple minutes. Think about it. What happens when you go for a brisk walk or run through a chilly breeze? Naturally, your body begins to heat up and circulation invigorates your complexion. Now imagine what happens when all of a sudden you step into a warm room. Your pores become confused. They begin to open and constrict in rapid succession. This creates a dewy, beautiful, completely free, freshly iced complexion. Obviously, temperature is not always on our side and we are not able to artificially recreate these freezing temperatures. However, we can achieve the same came-out-of-the-cold look by incorporating a seemingly simple ingredient into our daily morning skin care regimen - ice. Yep! You heard me right. Ice. Begin your morning regimen as normal. Start by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser using lukewarm water. Breathe deeply, allowing the warm to wash over your skin and really open up your pores. Rinse your skin and lightly pat dry with a soft hand towel. Then, grab an ice cube (or two) from the freezer, wrapping them in a small washcloth. You will want to give the cubes a minute or two to begin melting inside the cloth. When this happens, gently glide the washcloth over your skin. This will begin to naturally tighten your pores back up. Constriction. Tightness. Tingling. These are the critical elements of this technique. You can practice this after cleansing each morning for a healthy, slightly chilled and beautifully radiant complexion. 
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