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In Honor of Presidents Day

by Darlene DeVries 19 Jan 2013 0 Comments
Eminence Organics
We like it when our presidents are towering figures that provide great leadership, but also have that perceived stature that exudes confidence. Many presidents are fondly remembered because of their healthy, attractive appearance. John F. Kennedy often sported a glowing tan that exhibited vitality and a zest for life. When Richard Nixon returned to public life a few years after leaving office, observers were impressed with his renewed vigor and lively complexion. People even joked that he was “tanned, rested and ready” to run for office again. There’s no telling what brought about their positive appearance, but they could have certainly benefited from Eminence Organic Skin Care. Other presidents have faced some of the dangers aged or sun-damaged skin can create. Beginning with George Washington and moving on to Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, these presidents survived bouts with skin cancer. Ronald Reagan had a skin cancer removed from his nose while serving as president. Bill Clinton had a basal cell skin cancer removed on his back after his presidency. Both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush had pre-cancers removed. This just goes to show that anybody can fall victim to skin damage. Many skin cancers are easily removed while others pose more threatening conditions. Early treatment helps, but keeping skin and sun damage at bay not only prevents damaged skin, but also gives you that glowing, vibrant look of health – and even presidential stature. Sun protection from Eminence Organic Skin Care includes natural ingredients that protect you from the sun’s rays while building up your skin tissue to fight irritants and other sources that cause skin damage, including skin cancer. Antioxidants in the sun care line from Eminence combat oxidation that destroys your skin cells and leads to hazardous conditions. A major reason for choosing Eminence is that all of its products contain all-natural ingredients. The organic skin care items contain no chemicals. Many commercial skin care lines contain chemicals that harm your skin over time and may even lead to cancers because they contribute to destroying skin cells. Many of these chemicals have been scientifically proven to cause cancer. Chemicals stay in your skin, interfering with the normal growth of tissues. The skin renewal process is disrupted, resulting in an increase in dead skin cells that damage your skin. Chemicals also absorb into your bloodstream and increase the risk of disease throughout your body. The all-natural, chemical-free ingredients in Eminence Organic Skin Care also absorb through your skin into your body – in a compatible way to improve your health and your skin appearance. Tomato Day Cream SPF 16 acts as a natural sunscreen while retaining moisture in the skin to reduce inflammation. The smooth, tightening effects protect you from sun damage and premature aged skin. The cream is packed with ingredients from the miraculously healing tomato. Lycopene from tomatoes has been shown to fight some cancer cells, according to research. The tomato is also rich in antioxidants. Sun Defense Minerals provide protection from the sun no matter where you are because of an easy-to-use applicator. Carry it with you inside and outside to guard your skin. Rich in micronized zinc oxide, a natural sunscreen, Sun Defense Minerals also hold powerful fruit extracts and vitamins with antioxidants. You’ll boost the healing powers within your body and also find yourself looking and feeling presidential with Eminence Organic Skin Care.
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