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Natural Hydroquinone Alternative Found in Eminence Skin Care Bright Skin Collection

by Darlene DeVries 04 Feb 2013 0 Comments
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Dark patches or spots on the skin may interfere with your overall appearance despite attempts to hide these blemishes, but Eminence skin care provides products for dark spots that return your skin to its natural beauty. The organic compounds in these unique applications not only conceal, but also banish unsightly darkened colors through a natural process.

Eminence Skin Care Lightens Your Skin and Evens Out Skin Tone

The secret comes from the revolutionary Natural Hydroquinone Alternative Complex, a plant-based solution that inhibits the development and growth of cells called melanocytes, which produce the dark or brown pigment melanin. Increased melanocyte activity in the skin causes the inflammatory response that leads to hyperpigmentation. Eminence products for hyperpigmentation have a magic-like effect on the skin to remove discolored spots and patches without the use of chemicals, which further damage skin and end up increasing the discoloration process on the epidermal layer of your skin. First of all, don’t be alarmed or feel abnormal because you happen to have patches of skin darker than other areas of your skin. Hyperpigmentation is a quite common condition and is harmless. It can occur in people of all skin types and race. The skin just has an excess amount of melanin to trigger deposits that darken the skin in certain areas. The blemishes may be referred to as age spots or liver spots, usually caused by long-term sun damage. Aside from normal age spots, hyperpigmentation also arises from hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, which can result in darkened patches on the face, abdomen and other areas of the skin. As with sun damage, hyperpigmentation can also be caused by inflammation from heat, including activities as simple as hot showers, saunas and steam rooms. Other causes include skin diseases often related to adrenal gland insufficiencies, acne, skin treatments and even medications, such as birth control, non-steroidal drugs, heart medications and antibiotics. Regardless of the cause, these spots can be eliminated with products for dark spots from Eminence skin care.

Eminence Bright Skin Collection

You can deliver a powerful antidote to these darkened skin imperfections with Eminence Bright Skin Cleanser, Bright Skin Moisturizer and Bright Skin Masque, which contain the Natural Hydroquinone Alternative formula. The key to the miraculous healing powers of these products lies in the all-natural ingredients, which have made Eminence the world leader in organic skin care. No chemicals are used in its skin care products, so the applications work in harmony with your skin for a completely natural response that returns your skin to normal. Bright Skin Cleanser hydrates the skin, removing impurities for a smooth complexion free from discoloration. The natural remedies in the cleanser work on different levels to combat darkened spots. For example, bearberry lightens the skin while licorice root banishes dry or itchy skin with anti-inflammatory properties. Bright Skin Moisturizer protects your skin from damage caused by overexposure to the sun or premature aging effects. The Natural Hydroquinone Alternative formula contains tara tree extract and other natural compounds to boost collagen that strengthens the skin while brightening the skin to fade away darkened patches. Then there’s Bright Skin Masque, which provides skin nourishment and protection from aging skin with powerful antioxidants and bioflavonoids in the natural ingredients. Natural compounds in the masque help boost skin regeneration that removes dead skin cells to regenerate new skin tissue for enhancement of texture and skin improvement. It’s actually an elementary process from nature itself when employing Eminence products for hyperpigmentation. Now you know it’s no longer a scary word or difficult condition to take care of when you have the benefits from Eminence skin care.
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