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Best Ways to Use a Body Moisturizer for Youth and Beauty

by JJ Follano 24 Aug 2015 0 Comments
Best Ways to Use a Body Moisturizer for Youth and Beauty
Some of the best ways to use a body moisturizer include organic skin care creams that provide you with a beautiful appearance and long-lasting glow. Here are some tips on moisturizing your skin and feeling that youthful beauty once again! Use a moisturizer based on your skin type. To determine your skin type, run your fingers over the t-zone at the end of the day. Is the skin there oily, dry or normal? That is the first consideration. Then if you have mature or sensitive skin, make sure your product is made for that type of skin. If you have oily skin, choose a lotion that doesn’t add oils to your skin. Find one that has exfoliating ingredients to keep your skin as clean and clear as possible while moisturizing. Moisturizers that are too oily are terrible for blemish-prone skin.

Body Moisturizer for Different Skin Types

monoisliderFor dry skin, you want a pleasant organic skin cream, especially in the winter. Organic creams contain more oils to better hydrate your skin. Combination skin can be trickier; you need the hydration but without heavy oils. Be sure you select a body moisturizer that says, “combination skin types.” Normal skin? Lucky you – choose any of the great Eminence products, including Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face & Neck. Mature skin of any type needs special care Where you live is a consideration in choosing a moisturizer. If you live in very hot, dry areas or in severely cold areas, you need a stronger moisturizer, and organic cream is best. If you live where the weather is temperate or humid, lotions are a good choice. Consider using a cold humidifier in your bedroom. Humidifying the air will help your skin retain moisture.Your daytime moisturizer needs to have a sun protectant factor of at least 25. Use it whenever you are going outside! Eminence has several excellent daytime moisturizers for all skin types. For nighttime moisturizing, use a product that helps to correct damage done in the daytime; one that reverses the signs of aging, nourishes and hydrates your skin – such as Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream.

Mature Skin Benefits from a Body Moisturizer

What makes Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face & Neck such a good choice? It’s a body moisturizer formulated for mature skin and has ingredients to smooth and firm your skin even as it hydrates. Monoi is a fragrant Tahitian oil that has been used for thousands of years to make skin look and feel young, healthy and firm. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and can begin to sag, causing wrinkles. Monoi helps to firm the skin, to plump it up, for a more youthful appearance.

Bring New Life to Your Skin with a Body Moisturizer

Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream also contains several essential oils, including argan, evening primrose, jojoba and grape seed that contain antioxidants to nourish your skin as they soften, support and hydrate your face and neck. The night cream also contains PhytoCellTec complex to smooth the appearance of wrinkles. A body moisturizer brings new life to your skin.
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