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6 Marvelous Ideas for Kissable Lips

by JJ Follano 21 Aug 2015 0 Comments
What is sexier than plump, smooth, kissable lips? Nothing! Eminence offers ways to make sure your lips stay kissable, beautiful and young-looking. Of course, you want to use the best possible products, but start with some basic lip care to give your lips every advantage in looking good, even when they are naked. Our lips have a struggle to look good. Everything we eat and drink passes over them. They are exposed to the sun and the weather around us, and worst of all, we lick them with our tongue. The skin of our lips doesn’t have sweat glands or natural oils, so they are exposed to the world with no protection.

Follow These Tips to Give Kissable Lips All the Help You Can

Wild Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper, cinnamonkiss, plum kiss lip gloss, spice kiss gloss, strawberry organic kiss lip gloss1. Do NOT lick your lips. Licking your lips is bad for two reasons. First, the saliva you leave on your lips will evaporate and leave your lips dryer than they were before. It’s a never-ending cycle of damage to your lips. Second, liquid in your mouth is full of enzymes to digest food and clean your mouth. Applying saliva to your lips is like trying to digest your lips! Convinced? No licking for kissable lips. 2. Try not to be a mouth-breather. Each breath of air that passes over your lips exposes them to even more “weather” than they already have to contend with. Dry air in, wet air out – weather! 3. Go for the “air kiss.” When you kiss someone, all their germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi transfer from their lips to yours. Tiny cracks in your lips allow all these “cooties” free entry into your body. Protect your lips and your health and be careful who you kiss! 4. Eat a lip-healthy diet. Foods rich in B and E vitamins will have a big impact and help get and maintain health in the biggest organ you have – your skin. 5. Each week when you do your weekly whole-body exfoliation, be sure you exfoliate your lips too. Use a scrub especially for lips because the skin of your lips is thin and regular exfoliants are too harsh. Eminence organic skin care offers several lip scrubs that will smooth and polish your lips. 6. Use Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper to invigorate and revitalize your kissable lips. The cinnamon stimulation increases circulation, protects with a lightweight gloss and contains antioxidants. The oils absorb into your lips easily and hydrate your lips to fight the signs of aging. Your lips will be all that kissable lips should be – plump, healthy, sexy. 
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