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Secret Gift from Nature for Beauty: Hyaluronic Acid

by JJ Follano 17 Feb 2014 0 Comments
Secret Gift from Nature for Beauty: Hyaluronic Acid
Your body provides you with gift-giving hyaluronic acid in the outer and deeper layers of your skin. That brings you plenty of natural moisture and elasticity, but your skin loses a lot of this substance as you age. Luckily, you can boost production with the hyaluronic acid found in many Eminence Organic Skin Care products. Hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates your skin to increase necessary collagen production. Collagen firms your skin to take care of any stretching or stress on the skin. Because collagen production diminishes over the years, hyaluronic acid in organic skin care products brings your collagen levels back to normal for youthful, invigorating skin! You stay wrinkle-free wherever you are in life.

Hyaluronic Acid Deeply Hydrates for Smoothness

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum ,, organic, organics, hyaluronic acid, replenishing, rehydrating, dehydrated, all skin types, salicylic acidReplenish and rehydrate your skin with Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum. The strawberry acts as an astringent and cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin, bringing out its brightness. Rhubarb has ascorbic acid and vitamins that combat lines and wrinkles. The serum improves the texture of your skin and works wonderfully with a moisturizer. The natural ingredients include honey to support your skin with moisture and aloe vera for a soothing and refreshing look. To minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you have the important addition of hyaluronic acid from marshmallow plant extract. It deeply hydrates and smoothes your skin. Young looking skin also comes from Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, a refining 5 percent peel that blends the treasures of nature within your skin. Yam pulp puree contains beta-carotene and vitamins to protect your skin from aging. Pumpkin pulp puree is rich in enzymes with antioxidants that shield against sun and environmental damage. The product also includes pineapple and papaya to purify and beautify your skin. Glycolic and lactic acid get rid of dried skin tissue for a smoother appearance. Phyto-hyaluronic acid hydrates deeply into your skin to prevent future lines or wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid Plumps Your Skin

Want a firming and anti-aging masque to plump and rejuvenate your skin? Try the Firm Skin Acai Masque with acai berry to regenerate and nourish your skin. The masque also features blueberry, raspberry, brambleberry and seabuckthorn berry for antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that help prevent lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. But once again, you get another valuable boost from the hyaluronic acid that plumps your skin to minimize fine lines or wrinkles with deep hydration. You’ll find the masque leaves your skin so soft with an extended youthful appearance.

Take Advantage of Hyaluronic Acid

Who would have thought a simple product from nature could provide such a wonderful boost to your skin tissues. But that’s what Eminence Organic Skin Care is all about. No chemicals or artificial additives will hinder your skin care. Eminence relies totally on the purely organic substances given to us by Mother Nature. Although most of the hyaluronic acid in our bodies comes to us naturally, some of it can be lost over time. However, that’s not true when using all-natural skin care products with ingredients that build up your collagen production. Take advantage of the hyaluronic acid in the many Eminence products to keep your skin firm and young looking. 
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