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Eminence Dewy Skin Moisturizers

by Darlene DeVries 14 Nov 2012 0 Comments
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When it comes to having a "dewy" finish, it's best to use Eminence dewy skin Moisturizers. When talking about moisturizers, there are typically three different finishes that most skin types prefer; matte finish, medium finish, or dewy finish. Usually for those with oily skin they prefer the matte finish, normal-combination skin types prefer a medium finish, and for the dry and dehydrated skin types, they prefer dewy. Ideally, the perfect skin type has a normal and balanced oil production. Unfortunately, people with dry skin are unable to produce enough oil or they're stripping their skin of the oil it is producing leaving their skin with a tight feeling. The importance of having a layer of oil on the top of the skin is it retains the moisturizer underneath hile also acting as a barrier to outside irritants. Because dry skin types tend to lack moisturizer and protection, they tend to age faster than oily skin types.

Finding the Right Eminence Moisturizer for Your Dry Skin

It is important to look for moisturizers that are designed for dry skin. When someone wears a moisturizer that gives a dewy finish, they are essentially adding a protective layer of rich and luxurious oils which gives a glowing and shining appearance. When people suffer with dry skin, they usually describe their face as having a "dull complexion" - certaintly not the youthful and vibrant glowing skin they once had in their youth. By providing your skin with the right moisturizer for your face, you can achieve that youthful and dewy look and replenish your skin at the very same time.

Eminence Skin Photosensitivity

Eminence is proud to offer an array of moisturizers that give the appearance of a dewy finish for those with dry skin. With over fifteen moisturizers and treatments to choose from, there is a moisturizer for every dry skinned person! The most popular Eminence moisturizer is the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer with Retinol Alternative and Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells. This collagen boosting moisturizer is perfect for those who need a rich and luxurious face cream, with the benefits of retinol, without the harmful side effects. The Coconut Age Corrective moisturizer will never leave your skin dry and flaky (like certain retinols do) and will never cause a photosensitivty to the sun.When people are using retinol, the side effects often lead them with even drier and flaky skin. Using a natural retinol alternative will deliver better results while not drying out or causing a photosensitivty to the sun. The Eminence Organic Skin Care line also has Rich Black Perlette Grape Moisturizer, the richest moisturizer in their collection which is made for extremely dry skin types. The Fire Thorn Treatment Cream is a specialty moisturizer used for either day or night. If you suffer from severely dry skin, adding a serum underneath your moisturizer will provide additional benefits and hydration. The Herbal Recovery Oil is the Richest of all the serums and is especially helpful in giving your face a dewy finish.

Where to Get the Eminence Dewy Skin Finish

When looking for the right moisturizer that repairs dry skin by providing it with the essential nutrients and oils needed to remain balanced, look for the Coconut Age Corrective moisturizer from an authorized Eminence retailer. Never go to a third party website that offers you a product for a cheaper price. Typically those resellers are not authorized and the product could be an imitation.
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