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Calm Inflammation During Happy Times

by JJ Follano 30 Oct 2015 0 Comments
Calm Inflammation During Happy Times
Think about a plan to calm inflammation as the party season kicks off with Halloween. We’re starting a time of eating and drinking more than we normally do, not sleeping as much as we should and often not keeping to our schedules – even our beauty routines. As much fun as the holiday season is, it can be hard on your appearance. Where does it show up first? You guessed it - your face. Holidays are stressful and your skin does not handle stress well! Even “good stress” causes your body to create a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol causes inflammatory effects in your body and that means acne flare-ups and redness. Often, the more stress in our lives, the less we sleep. Sleep gives your body time to heal and recover, time it needs to calm and correct skin irritations. While you sleep, your body releases hormones that fix your skin by increasing elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles and healing inflammations.

Getting Enough Sleep Helps to Calm Inflammation

Eminence Vanilla Latte ReviewTo keep your skin looking healthy, clear and glowing during the party season, combat stress by exercising, getting enough sleep and using organic skin care products that calm inflammation. Exercise will reduce your cortisol levels, increase the circulation to your skin and help you sleep. Too much sugar and saturated fat from party snacks often result in inflammation and acne. They also lower collagen production and can make conditions like eczema or rosacea worse. Try to indulge in moderation when snacking. Keep to your cleansing and moisturizing routine no matter how tired you are or how tempted you may be to skip it “just this once.” Also, consider using skin products for sensitive skin during this time so your skin gets more than the normal amount of tender loving care. Don’t forget those fresh fruits and leafy vegetables – eat as many as you can. Fudge tastes good, but it comes at a price. Just like too much sugar, alcohol in moderation isn’t bad, but over-doing it can be very bad for you. Alcohol has been shown to negatively impact how your skin cells function and cause oxidative damage. While antioxidants can combat these effects, they can’t repair all the damage done by alcohol intake. Alcohol also makes conditions like acne and psoriasis worse.

Calm Inflammation and Improve Your Appearance

As busy as the holiday season is, take time to calm inflammation with some healthy indulgences. When we think “Halloween” we think “pumpkin,” so kick back and enjoy a Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque by Eminence. The masque is for normal to dry skin to revitalize and deeply moisturize dry skin and reduce the signs of aging. Made with a cornucopia of antioxidant-rich ingredients like pumpkin, avocado and soy, it delivers rich and powerful anti-aging nutrients to your skin. Massage the masque into your skin, then relax for five minutes as it works to restore the natural glow and moisture to your skin. The holidays are busy and it’s easy to get caught up in the season, but avoid the excesses and take care of yourself. Enjoy the parties while you calm inflammation and improve your appearance. 
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