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Makeup Tips When You Want to Party

by JJ Follano 29 Oct 2015 0 Comments
Makeup Tips When You Want to Party
Halloween season means it’s time for makeup tips. Even though you are having fun when dressing up, it can cause problems for your skin and appearance. Luckily, there are ways to use cosmetics for fun time and your everyday concerns. Here are tips to wear the wild makeup for your Halloween costume while protecting your skin and maintaining your beauty. ∗ When people want to change the tone of their skin for a costume look, they often use a flat covering base. It darkens but they are missing the highlights, which are needed to add depth, contrast and believability. To highlight, apply a lighter color on cheekbones, your forehead center, the tip of your nose, chin and brow bone. ∗ Most Halloween makeup kits don’t come with powder to avoid smearing, smudging and sweating off during the evening. Set your costume face with a large puff and translucent powder. Talc or baby powder will work in a pinch. Apply the powder through one ply of tissue to keep from overwhelming or smearing your makeup. Blot, don’t rub the powder on.

Unique Ways to Use Makeup Tips on Halloween

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∗ Rather than buy Halloween makeup, use your own. This is among the unique makeup tips. Mix various eye shadows into the base to lighten, darken and color. Do the mixing on the back of your hand so you can see the true color on your skin. Always apply with a sponge or a brush for a smooth application. ∗ To really set your makeup, spray your face with hairspray after you have your makeup on. Always do a test run on your makeup before the night of the party. It will give you a chance to try out various ideas and – most importantly – confirm that you aren’t allergic to any of the makeup! Makeup for anytime: Use brushes to apply your makeup – they give a smoother, more uniform application. Brushes make contouring much easier because they deliver the product smoothly and blend more easily for a more natural appearance. Brushes also keep your finger oils off your face! The less you touch your face, the less likely you are to have blemishes. Choose the right brushes for you, but you don’t need every brush available! The most you need is a brush for foundation/concealer, one for blush, one for powder and maybe one for eyeshadow and eye brows, depending on the product you use.

Get the Most Out of Your Makeup Tips

Makeup tips include cleaning your brushes often. Each time you use them, they pick up dead skin cells and oil from your face, retain makeup, and get dusty from the environment. Clean natural brushes with soap and water. For synthetic brushes, use a hand sanitizer to clean. Don’t soak them though; it can loosen the glue that holds the bristles in the brush. Natural brushes are best for applying makeup, but synthetics are best for use when applying various masques and peels. To complete your collection of must-have brushes, check out the Eminence Fan Applicator Brush. Its distinctive shape allows for uniform coverage and gives a sharp edge when you need to get into the smaller areas of your face. You will get the most out of your makeup tips with this professional applicator tool because it lets you apply your masque or peel without leaving excess on your fingers. 
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