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Apricots Nourish for Velvety, Smooth Skin

by JJ Follano 08 Oct 2014 0 Comments
Apricots Nourish for Velvety, Smooth Skin
Apricots have a velvety texture that transfers the same smooth skin to you. The plentiful vitamins and fruit oils in apricots provide age-defying benefits. They’re delicious, nutritious and beautifying! You’ve probably enjoyed both the fresh and dried fruit for the wonderfully tasty results and nutrition inside. The seeds of apricots are also edible and come in handy for your cooking needs. Oils of apricot seeds are often used in recipes. They belong to the same family as plums, peaches and nectarines, but actually provide more nutrition than their family members. Apricots are packed with the A, B and C vitamins essential for a smooth skin appearance. Apricots also contain lycopene, known for its prevention of some cancers. The healthful properties that make apricots such a dietary delicacy can also be used for successful topical applications to protect you from age-related skin factors for that youthful glow.

Smooth Skin by Eliminating Lines, Wrinkles for Young Appearance

The oil from the seeds of apricots has been used for everything from masques to aromatherapy to skin care baby products. The fruit oils help to soften the texture of your skin with a mild, gentle approach. Eminence Apricot WhipApricot oil maintains and improves the suppleness and elasticity of your skin for a velvety appearance. It combats lines and wrinkles for smooth skin. The kernels from apricots play an important role in removing old skin tissue, getting rid of dead skin cells to make way for healthy new cells that regenerate and renew your skin and appearance. Apricot ingredients are extremely helpful in scrubs and exfoliating products to cleanse your skin of dead or damaged tissue for a smoother appearance. The vitamin content and softening substances can treat both dry and oily skin types. Apricot softens and moisturizes with essential oils without causing an excess amount of oil. Aside from smoothing out skin to reduce wrinkles, apricot also combats skin conditions and disorders. Apricot has been highly successful in preventing and removing blemishes when used in masques. Scrubbing with apricot unclogs the skin’s pores to eliminate blackheads by stimulating growth with new skin cells. The organic nutrients in apricot and apricot oil have anti-inflammatory properties to help people with dermatitis, eczema and rosacea. Apricot also soothes the skin while treating skin disorders. Apricot moisturizers benefit dry and irritated skin for natural hydration with its nutrients. Your skin tone improves from regeneration as new skin cells renew your skin and your appearance.

Apricot Masque has All-Natural Ingredients for Smooth Skin

Take advantage of the all-natural ingredients for smooth skin in Apricot Masque from Eminence. The masque hydrates, moisturizes and restores skin elasticity to reduce or prevent those aging signs. The antioxidants in apricot juice combat free radical damage to avoid premature lines or wrinkles. The juice also revitalizes your skin with nourishing and essential vitamins. The product also contains nourishing and moisturizing honey ingredients. It only takes a short period of time to significantly improve your skin. Using your fingertips, apply a thin layer of the masque to your cleansed skin, leave on for about five minutes and remove with a damp cloth for a nourishing and refreshing glow. You can also try Apricot Whip Moisturizer for velvety, smooth skin
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