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Soft and Dreamy Eminence Shea Butter Balm

by JJ Follano 24 Jul 2013
Soft and Dreamy Eminence Shea Butter Balm
Rough skin becomes soft and dreamy with Eminence Shea Butter Balm. Reviews of the multi-purpose hydrating balm tell of how it works wonders to soften dry skin on your feet, hands and anywhere on your body. The relieving emollient formula heals dried and cracked skin on your feet, elbows, knees and other dry areas, bringing you soft and touchable skin. “Feels great, smells nice” and makes skin feel and look soft and dreamy, one consumer raves. Praises come from other overjoyed users as well. They love how the product can soften the roughest dry skin, erasing any signs of premature aging for younger looking hands and feet. An added touch of mint moisture provides soothing, refreshing relief and a silky finish.

Eminence Shea Butter Balm Reviews

Shea-Butter-and-Mint-Moisture-Balm-2229_zoomThe peppermint ingredients soothe while shea butter and natural oils revitalize your skin from Eminence Shea Butter & Mint Moisture Balm. Tea tree oil and organic avocado help to smooth out rough spots naturally. Simply use the balm stick to apply anywhere dry patches appear from head to toe. The rich organic formula alleviates dry skin problems and just makes you feel young and alive. Or, it makes your skin “soft and dreamy,” according to one of the many positive Eminence Shea Butter Balm reviews. Vitamins, herbs and essential oils have long been used to nourish skin while preventing cracked and dried skin. Eminence has pure organic ingredients in all its skin care products to use nature’s nutrients for skin healing. Shea butter and oils contain the vital nutrients that moisturize and protect your skin, relieving inflammation, itching and dryness. Don’t feel like you have to put up with dry, flaky skin on your heels, elbows or other areas where rough skin might appear. You might falsely believe it’s a typical result of aging, but your skin needs continued nourishment to help your skin cells regenerate. Cold, dry air can cause dry or severely cracked skin, or you could just have a problem of dealing with skin conditions that cause excessive dryness. Eminence Shea Butter & Mint Moisture Balm will take care of that!

Nourish Your Skin with Eminence Shea Butter Balm

Skin conditions, prolonged standing on hard floors or open backs on shoes are among the causes of cracked skin, but you can prevent excessive dryness by soaking the patchy areas in tepid water for a few minutes, drinking plenty of fluids and pampering your feet with sports or walking shoes when you can. You can also nourish your skin with nature. Eminence Shea Butter Balm reviews have made this clear from the many satisfied costumers, who now boast of soft, dreamy skin and want others to benefit from the same amazing, youthful benefits with this wonderful product. 
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