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Healthy Choices with an Eminence Authorized Skin Care Seller

by JJ Follano 28 Jun 2013
Healthy Choices with an Eminence Authorized Skin Care Seller

Eminence products work wonders on your appearance when you buy them from an Eminence authorized skin care seller. Professional skin therapists in spas and salons are extensively trained in the use of the products by a special team at Eminence. Great care is taken in making sure authorized dealers offer the amazing products. Unauthorized dealers may not provide you with the right information for your skin type or condition. Beauticians and estheticians trained in maintaining and improving healthy skin have an intuitive knowledge of what to select for your particular skin issues. These are the vendors and professionals Eminence wants assisting you with its valuable products through select spas, salons and retailers.

Handmade for Eminence Authorized Skin Care Seller

Eminence has long been at the forefront of the green movement, using truly organic ingredients, and recognizes retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada as an authentic Eminence Green Spa. These establishments use biodegradable disposable products, utilize recycling bins and practice non-toxic cleaning methods using natural, non-chemical supplies. The green policies are in effect from the beginning with all-natural ingredients harvested in a clean, chemical-free environment of the Hungarian farmlands. After being hand mixed and handmade, the products are packaged in recyclables and delivered to an Eminence authorized skin care seller. The Eminence office in Vancouver, Canada, has been designed as an eco-friendly building with solar-powered methods employed for efficient lighting and heating. The building materials, floors and roof are made from renewable sources. Eminence takes its concern for worldwide issues a step further by giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from certain products are donated to Breast Cancer foundations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as to many other charities and organizations. When you buy Eminence products you are contributing to the beauty of the world and to your own beauty! And, with its 50 years of experience in the organic skin care industry, Eminence has products available in more than 25 countries throughout the world, helping to improve the global environment.

Green Policies of Eminence Authorized Skin Care Seller

Clients and customers stay with Eminence skin care products once they first purchase them because of their concern with the environment. They also understand what the organic ingredients do for their skin and appearance. It makes sense that working with Mother Nature only has positive and completely natural effects on your skin and body. These advantages are fully understood and passed on by your spa professional and Eminence authorized skin care seller, who are excited to spread the wonderful environmentally sound results from truly natural skin care. The health of your world and your well-being go hand in hand when practicing the green policies of Eminence.

Eminence Authorized Skin Care Seller Enjoyment

Certified estheticians, professionals, salons and spas love getting involved in Eminence promotions that spotlight the latest products with the newest ingredients from Mother Nature to improve your skin. Eminence encourages them by returning a certain percentage back to them from orders to use on samples and marketing materials. If you’re interested in becoming a certified seller of these products, you may contact Eminence toll free at 888-747-6342. Whether you are a seller or buyer, you soon realize the benefit of organic skin care through an Eminence authorized skin care seller
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