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What a Difference a Toner for Your Skin Makes

by JJ Follano 10 Nov 2015 0 Comments
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Do you need to use a toner for your skin? What exactly is a toner anyway? Although these questions may not keep you up at night, knowing the answer to them can give you an advantage in your beauty regimen. A toner is used after cleansing your face. Originally, toners were developed to help restore the pH balance of your skin after you washed it with a bar of soap. Since most of us have moved away from washing our faces with body soap, the question of whether you need a toner or not isn’t a matter or balancing your skin’s pH level. So, why do you need a toner? The answer is that whenever you cleanse your skin, you need to give it back nutrients that restore and repair it. Your skin is always hungry for more – more nutrients, more antioxidants, more fatty acids, electrolytes, vitamin C – all the things that your skin needs to look younger, fresher and brighter. A good toner helps your skin get the nourishment it needs to repair itself, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm your skin, and restore a youthful, glowing look to your complexion.

Different Ways to Look at a Toner for Your Skin

Eminence Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist , Natural Retinol Alternative, Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells, Collagen Boosting, All skin types, mature, toner, hydratingSo, now you agree you need a toner for your skin. Which one? Is there a difference in toners? Of course there is, so choosing the right one for your skin is important. There are three basic kinds of toners. Alcohol-based toners that have astringent ingredients should be avoided. They are damaging to your skin, can cause irritation and they break down your skin’s ability to produce collagen. These things make your skin look worse, not better. Water and glycerin formulas have fragrant extracts like rose water or citrus. Some are good and healthy, but others are like eau de cologne, just fragrant water without any true benefits that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Water-based toners that include antioxidants and nutrients to repair and nourish your skin are best. Organic products are a great choice because the ingredients naturally improve your skin. We suggest Eminence’s Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist that uses the natural benefits of Neroli oil and coconut to infuse your skin with nutrients, moisturize and tone your skin.

A Toner for Your Skin Revitalizes and Repairs Appearance

So, what exactly does a toner do? It shrinks pores, closing them and reducing the opportunity for impurities and contaminants to get into the skin. A toner for your skin moisturizes the skin and helps your skin to retain moisture, especially important for mature skin. It refreshes your skin and can be used to remove oils and dirt without cleansing, revitalizing it and making it look clean and healthy. Eminence’s Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist also boosts your skin’s ability to produce collagen and increase elasticity, restoring a youthful appearance. Is a toner necessary? If you are using a great product like Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist, the answer is “yes.” Why not give your skin every advantage to be smoother, softer and calmer that it would be otherwise? Help it revitalize and repair itself by using a toner for your skin that will do just that. 
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