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Summer Fun and Beauty from Mineral Sun Protection

by JJ Follano 01 Jul 2013 0 Comments
You can enjoy the outdoors all summer long without worries about skin issues or conditions when you use mineral sun protection. The natural minerals in selected Eminence skin care products contain anti-red properties to remove blotchy or red skin. With the sun protection factors in these products protecting your skin from sun damage, the ingredients also provide your skin with natural formulations to help fade discoloration and boost your skin’s collagen levels. Collagen helps enhance your skin’s elasticity. Aging causes the production of collagen to decrease, causing inefficient collagen levels. That changes when you take advantage of the benefits from organic sources that increase the levels once again.

Carry Mineral Sun Protection with You Anywhere

mineral sun IIA popular Eminence product for all skin types strengthens and firms your skin while offering anti-red healing powers. Sun Defense Minerals are packed with natural minerals for water-resistant SPF 30 sunscreen protection. Fruit extracts, vitamins A and E, and micronized zinc oxide for sunscreen provide you with protection and enhancement of your skin for a glowing appearance this summer. The products have non-clogging, hypoallergenic properties. You can choose from several different light-to-dark shades, including honey apple, translucent, peaches and cream, cherries and berries, cinnamon bronzer and calendula spice. Sun Defense Minerals are easy to apply with a simple applicator that can be carried with you anywhere for mineral sun protection. Bright Skin Moisturizer also provides SPF 30 sunscreen protection while fading discolorations on your skin and improving your skin’s texture with collagen-boosting Natural Hydroquinone Alternative. The completely natural formula contains African potato and tara tree extract ingredients to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while nourishing your skin for brightness. Dark spots and patches disappear so you can enjoy your activities outdoors. The formula, designed for normal to dry skin, works effectively on uneven complexions and for skin prone to hyperpigmentation. Would you like to soothe your skin after a fun day in the sun? Try the Aloe Mint Hydrating Cream Gel for the face for all skin types. It soothes and protects sun-exposed skin with an aloe vera juice moisturizer that calms irritation while softening and hydrating your skin. Antioxidants from peppermint shield your skin from outside elements and irritants. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and coenzyme Q10 aid the unique Biocomplex booster to reduce wrinkles and improve your skin’s appearance.

Youthful Glow from Mineral Sun Skin Care

You will also watch in amazement as your skin develops a youthful, warm glow and beauty from Eminence products with mineral sun ingredients. Clients and customers using Eminence products rave about how their skin not only remains protected from sun damage, but also improves their appearance! You no longer have to be concerned about aggravating spots, blotches or other skin imperfections when you venture out into the sun. Enjoy the summertime with friends and family. Beautify your skin with Eminence mineral sun protection and let your appearance come alive with a new look! 
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