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Sugar Scrub Softens for an Extra Glow

by JJ Follano 10 Sep 2014 0 Comments
Sugar Scrub Softens for an Extra Glow
Exfoliating with a sugar scrub gives you a whole new look on life. It changes your skin and brightens your glow emotionally and physically. This soft body scrub becomes the perfect massage. You probably already know that a good scrub and exfoliation softens your skin and makes you feel relaxed. That’s because scrubbing helps improve your blood circulation and blood flow. As your skin develops that wonderful glow, it creates marvelous feelings within you. A body scrub works both ways because it boosts your self-esteem from the emotional results while giving your skin a real massage for rejuvenation. Cellulite often disappears from areas of your body following a scrub. Body scrubs can be done in a variety of ways. You can give yourself a body scrub or have a spa professional do it. You might want to perform a scrub in the shower or before cleansing.

Soft Massaging from Your Sugar Scrub

Use body scrubs for your face only when products are specially designed for facial use. Be careful over areas of your body that include imperfections. Champagne Massage, Mimosa champagne massage oil, mimosa champagne tonique, mimosa champagne sugar scrub, Eminence productsAvoid scrubbing over blemishes and acne-prone areas as well as wounds, cuts or abrasions. This will only aggravate the condition. Even though a sugar scrub provides your skin with soft massaging, you need to be careful about sensitive areas. Enjoy the exfoliation from a body scrub, which helps remove dirt, debris, excess oils and dead skin tissue from your skin. It also eliminates toxins from the body and stimulates fluids and cells in the skin to bring the skin that extra glow. There are many body scrubs out there, including methods that involve coffee, salt, massage oils or other ingredients. The advantages with sugar scrubs are the soft granules that move smoothly over your skin for the perfect massage. The raw sugar cane granules in Mimosa Champagne Sugar Scrub contain natural alpha hydroxy acids for skin rejuvenation, firmness and an improved complexion. Champagne and Tokay grapes in the formula provide your skin with antioxidants to fight skin damage as well as tone the skin for a youthful glow. You also get that soothing feeling from orange essential oils. The scrub for normal to dry skin types is best applied to damp skin in circular motions, using a body brush if you prefer. A brush helps to control your scrubbing techniques to increase stimulation and blood flow.

Maintain Comfort When Applying Sugar Scrub

When finished with the sugar scrub over areas throughout your body, rinse off completely and follow up with an Eminence moisturizer, such as the Mimosa Body Lotion to maintain that perfect skin! Some people might want a body scrub from a certified massage therapist at a spa for the experience of luxury. You’ll notice the therapist keeps the room at a warm temperature when applying the massage. It feels so comforting, but make sure you tell the professional about bruises, cuts or blemishes you have so they can be avoided. You can also let your therapist know if the massage is becoming too rough to help the professional adjust the technique on your particular skin. A sugar scrub done by yourself or someone else should bring you the glowing skin you want.
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