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Do You Struggle With Sensitive Eyes? Tips For Choosing The Right Eye Cream!

by JJ Follano 06 Feb 2017 0 Comments
Do You Struggle With Sensitive Eyes? Tips For Choosing The Right Eye Cream!
"My eyes are super sensitive, so I have a very difficult time finding an eye cream that won't cause irritation or make me tear up." Sound familiar? Don't worry, you are not alone. We receive feedback such as this dozens of times each week, and we are here to show you how to select the perfect eye cream for your sensitive eyes. eye-makeupWhen a product causes an individual to itch or tear up, they almost always assume that it is an ingredient inside the product that is causing them to have this adverse reaction. We can assure you, this is rarely the case. Believe it or not, a reaction to an eye cream is often the direct result of not applying the eye cream correctly - and this is not your fault! Simply put, too many places are focus on the sale of an eye cream and not enough on teaching you how to properly use it. Shameful. But really, it's a loss for those companies, because that's where we step in! is a "one stop shop" where you can not only purchase all of your favorite Eminence Organics products at the guaranteed lowest prices, but also receive a lifetime of support before, during, and after the sale. How many other companies can offer you that? Enough said about that. Here are some simple, but often overlooked, skin care tips for those who struggle with sensitive eyes. imageedit_2_5248238585Did you know that your eye cream should only be applied to the bone area around the eyes? Maybe you are not sure what that means, in that case, see the sample image that we have provided to the right. When you apply products too close to the eye (such as the figure on the left), the cream can seep into the eyes causing puffiness, irritation, and severe discomfort. Err on the side of caution, and apply further out especially if you struggle with sensitive eyes. You also should avoid the use of eye creams that contain synthetic fragrances. Fortunately, our skin and eye care products do not contain artificial fragrances. However, we are not able to speak on behalf of other companies. These artificial perfumes have become increasingly commonplace in skin care formulas. When you apply around the very delicate skin in the eye area, a chance of a negative, allergic reaction is increased. Make sure you double check the jar or bottle of eye cream to see that it does not include the ingredients "fragrance" or "parfum."
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