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Soothing Red Currant for Young-Looking Skin

by JJ Follano 16 Jun 2014 0 Comments
Soothing Red Currant for Young-Looking Skin
A fountain of youth flows from red currant because of its rich minerals and detoxifying substances. The antioxidants within the berries add a shield against skin damage. The benefits enhance you with glowing, young-looking skin. The berry has mild relaxation and soothing properties. It has been known to heal wounds or burns and prevent infections. The ingredients help alleviate the symptoms of acne and eczema. Its abilities to purify the blood help improve the texture of your skin. The small, round red fruit grows from a flowering shrub. Although people discovered eating the berries helped with a variety of ailments, they also learned it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent when applied topically. The fruit’s substances help reduce inflammation and reddening of the skin, even treating gum disease and mouth disorders. It’s possible that the rich source of vitamin C in the fruit boosts your body’s immune system to bring you these many health benefits.

Red Currant Protects Your Body and Skin

Daytime MoisturizerThese incredible benefits also come from the rich antioxidant minerals and fiber that help the digestive system while also improving your circulatory system. The capability to regulate biochemical reactions within your body help maintain proper blood pressure and protect your heart with the ingestion of red currant. Along with vitamins C, B and E, the fruit also contains healthful properties of potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorous and calcium to protect your body and your skin. Although adding a delicious taste as an ingredient within your kitchen, the berries also provide healing powers to be used within your beauty care supply. Once again, Eminence has taken the nutritional value from something in foods and used it to apply naturally to your skin. If it works so well on the inside, it will do just as good of a job and even better on the outside. That same flow of energy to boost your diet and health can also be used as a valuable asset in skin care. Mother Nature always knows best. Products harvested and manufactured through Eminence organic skin care keep nature fully intact when sent to your door. The farming methods use no artificial or chemical additives. The farmlands of Hungary are practically packed within the product you receive and added to your skin for a wonderful, glowing appearance! The ingredients come to your door as fresh as they were when they were grown in a purely organic ecosystem.

Cool Sensation from Red Currant Moisturizer

Red currant fits perfectly in the Eminence Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex contained in its Red Currant line. The youth shield formula has the rich antioxidants of red currant along with elderflower and magnolia bark. The rich sources of vitamin C reduce and prevent signs of aging while promoting the production of collagen to firm your skin. Enjoy the cool sensation of Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 30, which also revitalizes fatigued skin. The product within the Red Currant collection even contains such ingredients as tea tree oil, found in studies to effectively treat blemishes and acne. So while you are protecting your skin against damage, you also get a boost from the fountain of youth within natural red currant
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