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Potent Weapon in Bright Skin Moisturizer Ends Dark Spots

by JJ Follano 30 Oct 2013 0 Comments
There’s a reason Bright Skin Moisturizer brightens the skin to reduce the appearance of dark spots, lines and wrinkles. The moisturizer contains an exclusive Eminence brightening agent from nature. This helps improve your skin if you have dark spots or areas and an uneven complexion. Skin care manufacturers have been using hydroquinone to prevent the production of excess melanin, which causes hyperpigmentation, a disorder that results in those unwanted spots. Hormonal imbalances, acne, prescription drugs and sunlight can aggravate skin problems. Consumers have found some satisfaction with products containing hydroquinone, but this ingredient has carcinogenic concerns, based on studies. Over-the-counter preparations also contain additives and chemicals that irritate the skin. organic skin lightening products,eminence bright skin moisturizer reviews, eminence face products, eminence,organics,organic skincare,bright skin reviews,Enter natural alternatives to hydroquinone. Leave it up to the ingenuity of technicians and researchers at Eminence to find something that works better than hydroquinone. Natural Hydroquinone Alternative mimics the action of hydroquinone with an organic brightening agent that comes from tara tree and African potato. You get rid of dark spots and also enhance your complexion with a smooth, radiant appearance from nature. Because the ingredients are all natural, you avoid any possible negative effects. Hydroquinone also becomes ineffective with prolonged exposure to air and sunlight — not the case with Natural Hydroquinone Alternative.

Bright Skin Moisturizer Holds a Secret Ingredient

Bight Skin Moisturizer contains the alternative formula along with bearberry extract with antioxidants and skin-lightening abilities to reduce dark spots. Bearberry extract has been found to lighten the skin because the natural ingredient breaks down into natural hydroquinone after being absorbed into the skin. So you get a double-dose of protection to make your dark spots go away. The moisturizer has been specially formulated to treat normal to dry skin with an uneven complexion and prone to hyperpigmentation to prevent the formation of dark spots. You also get the antioxidants from the GigaWhite and Biocomplex formulas, which contain all-natural ingredients. Stone crop hydrates and nourishes your skin while the antioxidants in licorice root also provide soothing sensations.

Consumer Praise for Bright Skin Moisturizer

Customers rave about Bright Skin Moisturizer for its lightweight application and ability to improve the skin after only a few days or weeks. It also has that wonderfully natural aroma. You might think you suffer from a pigmentation disorder that you can do nothing about, but the problem is actually easy to solve. No longer will your have to deal with the dark spots on your skin that cause continued aggravation. Let nature take its course with Eminence skin care, which can help prevent excess melanin while giving you the beautiful complexion you deserve. Take advantage of the remedies offered through Bright Skin Moisturizer and other products in the Eminence Bright Skin line.
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