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Relax and Enjoy Champagne Massage Oil

by JJ Follano 05 Nov 2014 0 Comments
Relax and Enjoy Champagne Massage Oil
A wonderful, hydrating champagne massage oil for the body brings you a healthy looking complexion. You will discover soothing, softer results for your skin texture and notice a silky finish, even for dry, itchy skin. Normal skin types benefit as well from the mimosa orange oil in Mimosa Champagne Massage Oil. The oil contains nutrient-rich ingredients for skin softening and to moisturize the skin for revitalization. The suppleness of your skin results in a firmer, younger-looking appearance. The replenishment deep into the skin layers provides you with feelings of relaxation and comfort — just like a hydrating massage in your own home. And that’s the whole reason for a massage, after all. You want that release from stress, mental pressure and the tensions of everyday life. Massage oils play a significant role in massaging, but also soothing relief when you apply them yourself.

Champagne Massage Oil Remains on Your Skin for a Long Time

Massage oils also include natural scents from the wide array of products in the Eminence organic skin care line. Eminence Mimosa Champagne Massage Oil, Soothing, Moisturizing, Vitamins A, C, E, Softening,, Organic, Organics, nutrient rich, antioxidantThe aromas you take in are as important as the sensations you receive for a stimulating experience. Spa therapists know that massage oil is essential for their clients. The oil remains on the skin for a long time from using champagne massage oil, so you feel the effects long after application. Many therapists also use oils for aromatherapy. You can use this idea as well. Just like oils applied directly to your skin, aromatherapy oil helps with the emotional release you need. You have a variety of scents to choose from with aromatherapy or massage oils. The experience actually elevates your own senses. The emotions you have help put all worries and concerns behind you with an enhanced spirit in mind and body. And, you’ll find you achieve a deep sleep for invigorating results the next morning! The assortment of essential oils from Eminence products includes mimosa orange oil for its nutrients, but also other selections, such as grape seed oil and sweet almond, high in vitamins, minerals and proteins for all skin types. Evening primrose oil is beneficial for people with eczema or psoriasis. Calendula oil helps reduce inflammation with healthy doses of vitamin A and vitamin C. Apricot kernel oil has a high content of vitamins A, C and E to provide your skin with suppleness, improved skin elasticity and a wonderful softening touch to your skin.

Comforting Ingredients in Champagne Massage Oil

The enticing champagne massage oil, grape seed oil and apricot kernel oil in Mimosa Champagne Massage Oil brings you the comforting rewards of an actual massage. You also get the anti-aging effects from the powerful antioxidants in pomegranate oil to fight free radicals and skin damage. Sunflower seed oil provides protections through vitamins A, D and E. Add to that the jojoba oil that nourishes your skin with an instant absorption rate for hydration and you’ve got the perfect at-home massage. You only need to use the amount of oil you want for your own massage. You can also take advantage of Mimosa Body Lotion or Mimosa Sugar Scrub that fit right along with your champagne massage oil
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