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Powerful Alliance of Vitamins C+E

by JJ Follano 07 Jul 2014 0 Comments
Powerful Alliance of Vitamins C+E
How can vitamins C+E improve your appearance? In so many ways, you can’t imagine. These healing nutrients can benefit your skin’s complexion and health through diet and the substances that absorb through your skin. The foods you eat are certainly important when it comes to boosting and energizing your body and your skin. The nutrients that provide these benefits also work wonders through skin care products that contain these valuable vitamins. Both vitamins C and E are essential in shielding your skin from irritants and pollutants that threaten your skin’s condition. They contain antioxidants that combat free radicals, which attempt to destroy your healthy skin cells. The vitamins step up to the plate with powers that will know these skin enemies from your body and your skin by protecting your cells. These cells are important to your overall health, and also vital to the strength and support of your skin.

Vitamins C+E Bring Back Youth

anti-aging, eminence serum, vitamin c, vitamins e, organic skincare, eminence skin care, natural skin products,Aside from its powerful ingredients to fight free radicals, vitamin C helps increase your collagen levels. Collagen is important to the firmness of your skin. When you age, your body loses its abilities to produce collagen the way it used to, so lines and wrinkles begin to develop. The vitamins C+E combination brings back the youthful, glowing look you deserve because of a return to natural collagen production. It’s interesting that although you get the benefits of vitamin C through food sources, more of the nutrient reaches your skin through topical applications. Several studies have shown that topical vitamin C reduces fine lines and wrinkles, prevents acne lesions and helps to reverse aging signs, such as age spots. In fact, vitamin C topical solutions have been used for centuries to fight premature aging, used by the people of Tibet as early as the seventh century and Native Americans. Vitamin E has been shown to reduce roughness of the skin when applied topically. It decreases facial lines and also reduces the depth of wrinkles. Vitamin E is also effective in fighting skin damage caused by the sun and may even protect your skin from skin cancers. The vitamin helps with hydration of the skin to keep your skin moisturized and it speeds regeneration of the skin for healthy skin renewal. While skin care products are the way to get the most from these vitamins, consuming foods and taking supplements that contain these important skin vitamins will enhance your skin’s appearance.

Firmer, Brighter Appearance from Vitamins C+E

Vitamins C+E can provide you with a firmer, brighter and younger-looking appearance through the Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum. The new product from the Eminence Organic Skin Care line helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin becomes brightened and lightened as dark spots begin to vanish. You’ll notice an even and clarifying complexion. Because of the power of the vitamins to protect your skin, the formula prevents inflammation to calm your skin. What’s more, you are applying the completely natural ingredients of Eminence to your skin while maintaining that youthful, glowing look. You will no longer have to ask how vitamins C+E can improve your appearance! 
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