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How to Maintain Velvety Smooth Hands in Active Times

by JJ Follano 27 Nov 2013 0 Comments
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Busy hands can still make velvety smooth hands with natural ingredients that prevent skin damage and stimulate healthy new skin cells. The demanding activities and changing weather conditions during the fall and winter threaten lines, wrinkles and other signs of stress or premature aging of your skin. The cold temperatures often cause you to spend too much time inside where heat can take away vital moisture. Eminence organic skin care provides essential organic substances that keep your hands young and alive. Be conscious about taking care of your hands, just as you do for your face and the rest of your body, during the coming months. Luckily, it’s easy to do even during a busy season. Many Eminence skin care products contain vital glycolic acid, which rejuvenates and balances the skin tissues in your hands. This essential skin care ingredient increases the collagen production that firms the skin and smoothes out wrinkles. Glycolic acid also repairs damage caused by the sun. Premature aging from the sun can still be a factor during the colder months, so keep your sunscreen handy and wear gloves whenever doing yard work or activities outside. Whenever you apply sunscreen, don’t forget the hands.

Powerful Antioxidants for Velvety Smooth Hands

eminence clementine gift set holidayAntioxidants also combat premature aging for velvety smooth hands and cuticles. The new Eminence Organics Clementine Spice Holiday Set brings you powerful antioxidants to replenish skin moisture and provide irresistibly smooth skin with Clementine Spice Hand & Cuticle Cream and Clementine Spice Body Lotion. Clementine oil, black pepper oil, coconut oil and evening primrose oil contain nutrient-rich antioxidants that hydrate the skin of your hands with fresh aromas. Nutmeg and cinnamon oils soften and stimulate the skin tissues. You also have nourishment and moisturizing from calendula extract, aloe leaf juice and shea butter. Treat your hands and body to the spice of life gift set with Clementine Spice cream and lotion for you or your special friends and loved ones.

You'll Always Have Velvety Smooth Hands

Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis becomes important this time of year for smooth hands. Hydroquinone is often prescribed to fight aging signs, such as age or sun spots. Hydroquinone, however, has side effects that include sensitivity to the sun. Eminence developed a Natural Hydroquinone Alternative Complex, containing African potato and tara tree, to mimic the effects of hydroquinone without the side effects. You can find this ingredient in the Eminence Bright Skin Collection, which helps rid your hands and body of age spots or dark patches. The complex prevents the development of cells that cause these spots. You’ll always have velvety smooth hands with the all-natural products from Eminence on hand! 
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