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How Does Red Currant Fight Signs of Aging?

by JJ Follano 06 Nov 2013 0 Comments
The small, round juicy fruit of red currant contains youth giving properties for your skin. It firms the skin as an astringent and provides tissues with antioxidant healing powers from vitamin C, nutrients and bioflavonoids. These ingredients work together to ward off free radicals that threaten to damage your skin. Free radicals enter your tissue from environmental elements, pollutants and irritants to damage skin cells. Antioxidants keep your skin free from these invaders. What’s more, red currant also helps reduce inflammation while boosting collagen production. Collagen is the protein in your skin tissue that strengthens and supports your skin. Production diminishes with aging, but the natural substances in Eminence organic skin care rebuild the collagen producing process.

All-Natural Sources in Eminence Red Currant Line

eminence,red,currant,mattifying,mist,oily, anti aging, clogged pores, organic skin,, authorized retailer, eminence toner,toner for acneThe exclusive Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex in the Eminence Red Currant line features the protective antioxidants found in red currant, elderflower and magnolia bark. The organic ingredients reduce and prevent signs of aging without the harmful chemicals and artificial additives used in many other skin care brands. The age-reducing and anti-inflammatory results from using Eminence products come from all-natural sources. Your skin regenerates and renews as if nature itself is giving you young looking skin. The unique skin care line includes the age preventative Red Currant Mattifying Mist for normal to combination and oily skin and Red Currant Balancing Concentrate, which provides quick-absorbing and lightweight concentrate to control oil production and prevent breakouts. Of course, you have other ways to fight signs of aging while benefiting from the organic skin care products with Eminence. Complement the all-natural ingredients you use on your skin with natural foods, avoiding processed foods and high-fat meals. Exercise regularly to encourage your healthy eating habits. Routine workouts boost your self-confidence and reduce the desire for craving those fatty, unnecessary sweet treats. Always think fruits and vegetables for snacks and heaping additions to your meals. Vigorous activity also reduces or prevents the negative effects of stress. Your skin can suffer with lines and wrinkles from stress. Use relaxation techniques, healthy eating and exercises to get rid of the stress in your daily life.

Red Currant Enhances Your Body's Capabilities

Meanwhile, red currant can help your body deal with any changes that take place to affect the skin. For example, aging can also disrupt your body’s ability to produce estrogen. This can increase the risk of dry skin, lines and wrinkles because estrogen helps stimulate collagen production. Use the Red Currant concentrate under your favorite Eminence moisturizer to reduce those wrinkles, hydrate your skin and plump up any sagging areas. Lifestyle changes and focusing your skin care routine on Eminence organic skin care, especially the Red Currant line, brings back youthful, glowing skin for a lively, natural and beautiful appearance. 
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