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Healthy Lifestyle to Avoid Beauty Risks

by JJ Follano 26 Sep 2014 0 Comments
Healthy Lifestyle to Avoid Beauty Risks
Treating your skin nice includes avoiding beauty risks in your life. Eating the right foods and maintaining an active lifestyle help keep your glow, but be careful of beauty trends that can harm your skin. For example, tattoos have become quite popular over the years. There’s nothing wrong with painting your skin to make it more attractive. However, the tattooed area of your skin becomes very sensitive and it’s similar to having a wound, cut or scrape on your skin. You need to pay special attention to the area, especially with newly tattooed skin. Sun exposure for a new tattoo might feel uncomfortable and you can even receive a more intense burn on the area because of the ink. Protect your skin and tattoo with sunscreen or stay covered when going outdoors. Use organic moisturizing creams or lotions when the tattooed area feels dry. Skin care products with chemicals could cause fading to the tattoo.

Take Precautions on Beauty Risks Affecting Areas of Your Skin

When considering a tattoo, remember that some people have allergic reactions to synthetic dyes. Check the certification of the tattooist and the regulations by the health department in your state or area. Eminence Shea Butter BalmIt’s important that the proper sterilization and disinfection procedures are done during tattooing. Aside from beauty risks, you also want to keep your skin safe. See a dermatologist if you notice a change to the skin where the tattoo was placed. Tattooed skin can be just as vulnerable to skin damage and cancer as other areas of the skin. You should also follow the same safe procedures when it comes to body piercing. Areas of the skin that have been pierced can suffer from infection if the professional does not use proper health measures. You also need to care for the pierced area properly. Smoking also risks hazards to your skin. The nicotine can narrow the blood vessels in your body. The concern is often with the risk of heart disease, but smoking can cause immediate damage to your skin. The layers of your skin are robbed of oxygen and nutrients because of the narrowing of blood vessels. Smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol can rob your skin and body of vitamin A, essential in skin regeneration for healthy skin cells. Get a healthy dose of vitamin A through the Biocomplex formula in such Eminence products as Red Currant Mattifying Mist. The formula fills your skin and body with antioxidants to prevent and reverse skin damage.

Avoid the Beauty Risks to Prevent Premature Aging of Skin

Beauty risks can be reduced or avoided by sticking with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t ruin your skin and your appearance by getting involved with unhealthy practices. You spend a lot of time finding the perfect products for your skin. Organic skin care products can certainly improve your appearance the natural way, but unnatural additives interfere with that. While avoiding smoking and drinking in excess, keep your skin clean and protected to prevent unnecessary damage. Your skin benefits from nutrients and healthy oxygen just as the rest of your body does. You won’t have to worry about prematurely aging skin or wrinkles when you avoid beauty risks
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