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Fabulous Ways Sugar Scrubs Keep Your Skin Smooth and Radiant

by JJ Follano 11 Nov 2013 0 Comments
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Natural sugar scrubs enhance the beauty of your skin and relieve you from skin imperfections. Your skin receives moisture for a glowing, youthful look. At the same time, sugar scrubs prevent or reduce skin problems while being safe to use. Here are some of the ways to maintain the softness of your skin and radiance of your appearance with sugar scrubs:
  • Help blood circulation to improve the appearance of your skin, including getting rid of cellulite! Increased blood flow to the skin surface tightens and plumps the skin.
  • Remove the dry, flaky skin, especially during the fall and winter, with sugar scrubs. The removal of dead skin tissue helps your skin to regenerate with renewed, healthy skin cells for better skin texture.
  • Prevent the reoccurrence of skin problems with the healing agents of sugar scrubs. Scrubs don’t clog up your skin’s pores because they provide deep cleansing when easily absorbed. This helps reduce and prevent symptoms from disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Gentle Exfoliation from Eminence Sugar Scrubs

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  • Sugar scrubs provide gentle exfoliating effects for smoothness that’s long lasting. The scrubs work as a wonderful soothing application before and after shaving.
  • You can use a sugar scrub as often as you like because it's non-abrasive. In fact, sugar scrubs add a protective layer on your skin to prevent dryness and roughness. They also restore and revitalize your skin with moisture and hydration to enhance your skin appearance.
  • During cold weather, sugar scrubs help prevent the annoying and aggravating appearance of dry skin and chapped lips. A sugar scrub can soften any part of the skin, even if you think the dried area won’t go away. If you already have calloused, dried or rough areas, try a sugar scrub!
  • When you use sugar scrubs from Eminence you are guaranteed organic applications. That means your sugar scrub remains friendly to all skin types. The natural ingredients will not bring any side effects. Hydrate your skin to get rid of any skin problem.

Eminence Sugar Scrubs for All Skin Types

You might discover you don’t need cleansers or moisturizers after regular use of sugar scrubs because they work so well. However, continue to use your beauty routine regularly, whatever works best for you and your skin! The unique skin polishing effects of Pear & Green Apple Sugar Scrub improve the appearance for all skin types. The vitamins and nutrients in pear reduce the appearance of wrinkles while green apple supplies your skin with malic acid and quercetin to also reduce lines and wrinkles. You receive natural exfoliation from the alpha hydroxy acid in raw sugar cane granules. Improve moisture, firmness and protection from damage through antioxidants with the green tea, comfrey and sweet almond oil in sugar scrubs from Eminence. 
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