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Bright Skin Cleanser Banishes Hyperpigmentation Spots

by JJ Follano 06 Jan 2014 0 Comments
Bright Skin Cleanser Banishes Hyperpigmentation Spots
Dark spots and signs of aging disappear with Bright Skin Cleanser and other products in the Eminence Bright Skin line. A powerful organic blend of natural skin brightening agents reduces the effects of hyperpigmentation to improve an uneven complexion. If you suffer with hyperpigmentation, your problems are over. Remember that the disorder is far more prevalent than you might believe. Changing to a healthy lifestyle and using Eminence organic skin care products bring you extraordinary results. The pure ingredients in the creamy cleanser not only make those dark spots disappear, but they also provide you with a renewed radiance.

Calming Effects of Bright Skin Cleanser

eminence for hyperpigmentationMany people are forced to deal with hyperpigmentation, which causes an overreaction in melanin production and results in skin discoloration. The condition can be aggravated by heat or injury, which leads to inflammation. Too much sun exposure also stimulates tyrosine, an amino acid involved in melanin production. Sun damage accelerates production, leaving your skin with discolored marks. Hormonal changes can also have an effect that triggers more spots from hyperpigmentation. Sun block and skin care products with calming effects help reverse the damage. Fortunately, Eminence uses sun protection and calming ingredients for Bright Skin Cleanser and other Eminence organic skin care products. The GigaWhite formula in the cleanser acts as a tyrosine inhibitor, lightening the skin and limiting melanin production while reducing redness. GigaWhite also contains antioxidants to repair skin and sun damage, restoring a glow to your appearance. The licorice root in the cleanser also helps as a tyrosine inhibitor. Natural Hydroquinone Alternative includes natural brightening agents, such as tara tree and African potato, for a naturally smooth and radiant complexion. Your skin is blessed with antioxidant-rich bearberry extract, vitamins, coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid to reduce lines and wrinkles as well. Even if you have sensitive, freckly skin, you'll be amazed at the cleansing results that return your skin to natural beauty.

Bright Skin Cleanser, Moisturizer and Masque

Apply Bright Skin Cleanser with your fingertips by diluting it with water if necessary. Remove with damp face cloth and follow with Bright Skin Moisturizer. You'll also benefit from Bright Skin Masque and Stone Crop Body Lotion to fight dark and aging spots. Organic skin care products can effectively treat and prevent the effects of hyperpigmentation without the parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals or synthetic additives from other skin care brands. Chemicals only increase the negative effects of hyperpigmentation. Instead, use the benefits of nature to inhibit melanin production with Bright Skin Cleanser and other all-natural products that work with your skin. 
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