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Body Lotion for That Firm, Dewy Look

by JJ Follano 20 Nov 2015 0 Comments
Body Lotion for That Firm, Dewy Look
Beautiful skin is firm, dewy and healthy-looking. The best way to keep your skin looking beautiful is to use a good body lotion. It hydrates your skin, reducing dryness and rough spots. Applying a lotion to your body, you give your skin the moisture it needs to replenish your cells and make them plump and healthy. Choosing the right lotion is important because you want to nourish your skin while improving the appearance of your skin. Shimmer is sexy! It adds a glow that usually comes from sun-kissed color. You know better than to expose your skin to the sun’s rays. The term “sun-kissed” basically means causing it to look like leather. So, to get the beautiful look without the damaging effects of the sun, add shimmer by using a lotion that contains the mineral mica.

Combat Damage with Nutrients and Antioxidants for Firm, Dewy Appearance

Blueberry-Shimmer-Body-Lotion-8228_zoomIf you haven’t tried Eminence Blueberry Shimmer Body Lotion, you’ve been missing a great experience. This rich lotion combines blueberry juice with shea butter to get the benefits of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients, an emollient high in triglycerides and fatty acids, and Biocomplex, Eminence’s booster full of vitamins and antioxidants designed to combat the damage caused by free radicals to provide that firm, dewy, young look. These ingredients give your skin the nutrients it needs to repair damaged cells and the ability to plump up your skin. What makes this lotion so great is that it is more than just a healthful lotion. It adds a shimmer to your skin - a sexy look that makes your skin look great. How does it do this? It contains the mineral mica, a natural mineral that reflects light. Mica has been used for thousands of years in cosmetic products. It’s a mineral that is mined in thin sheets that are finely ground and used to add a translucent quality to your appearance. It reflects light and reduces the appearance of pores and lines and gives your skin a youthful appearance. It adheres to the skin well and gives the appearance of smoother and more radiant skin. Although mica that is inhaled may cause health problems, use in a liquid lotion is not a danger at all, so you can have the benefits of the sexy shimmer mica gives without any health concerns.

Body Lotion Provides a Firm, Dewy Look at Any Age

Shimmer is a sexy look that you can wear at any age for a firm, dewy appearance. The tiny, barely seen micro-light reflectors give you a natural-looking glow without looking like a disco ball crashed into your skin. Glitter in cosmetics is best left for teenagers and rock stars. Adding shimmer will be a positive for your look. What you get from Blueberry Shimmer Body Lotion is a glowing, smooth appearance and a wonderful way to give your skin the nutrients it needs for firm, dewy, healthy skin. 
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