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Merry Glow from the Body Retreat Gift Set

by JJ Follano 12 Dec 2014 0 Comments,eminence organics,organic,skincare, skin care,,eminenceorganics,
What better way to put a smile on the face of loved ones or friends than with the Body Retreat Gift Set! That smile will come from the beautiful glow on their face. The glow comes from a restorative sugar scrub and sensational healing oils. The gift set is among the many gift ideas from Eminence for the holiday season. Skin care products make ideal gifts at this time, especially when you give the gift of organic skin care. There are those who already know about the advantage of all-natural ingredients for the skin. Then there are those who are new to the idea. This will start them off on a whole new way of treating their skin. They will discover how important organic ingredients are and how they work naturally with their own skin. Maybe they thought about it, but haven’t tried it.

Body Retreat Gift Set Includes Coconut Sugar Scrub and Apricot Body Oil

Why not get them started with extraordinary skin care that really does bring back a naturally, youthful appearance! Holiday gift set, eminence organics, eminence storeThose who already know about organic skin care will absolutely adore their surprise whether it’s for Christmas or any other occasion. Along with the eggnog and holiday treats, the new looks on their face and skin will add to the season’s cheer with that smooth and healthy look. Included in the Body Retreat Gift Set are the Coconut Sugar Scrub for hydration to revitalize the skin and the luxurious Apricot Body Oil for soft, smooth skin. The sugar scrub has raw sugar cane granules to gently exfoliate your skin tissue. The apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E for softening properties as well as retaining your skin’s elasticity with suppleness. When you finish, you’ll feel as if you’ve just come from the spa. You’ll see an overall body radiance from the many organic ingredients. The sugar scrub also includes virgin coconut oil to moisturize and prevent skin damage. Cucumber revitalizes and tones while comfrey adds more moisture. The body oil also features grape seed oil, jojoba oil, seabuckthorn oil and pomegranate seed oil for hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation and skin protection with the nutrients and antioxidants. The natural alpha hydroxy acids cleanse your skin naturally to get rid of dead skin tissue, helping with skin regeneration. The body oil also has the unique Biocomplex formula with antioxidants and nutrients that smooth the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Happy Season and Looks from Body Retreat Gift Set

The Body Retreat Gift Set is just one way to make friends and loved ones happy. You could also treat yourself to a gift. After all, you know what it can do for the skin of others. There are plenty of gift sets and collections to choose from when doing your gift shopping. While browsing the many products you might even come across something that jumps out at you for your particular desires or to improve your type of skin. Shopping during this time can be an incredibly fun experience. Think of the joy that comes from giving the gift of organic skin care whether you select the Body Retreat Gift Set or another great item for happy looks. 
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