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Arnica Healing Powers Rejuvenate Your Appearance

by JJ Follano 18 Apr 2014 0 Comments
Arnica Healing Powers Rejuvenate Your Appearance
Arnica healing powers have been known for centuries. Dried yellow flower heads of arnica successfully treat wounds and bruises. But this perennial plant also has the ability to reduce inflammation to protect your skin and enhance your beauty. Europeans since the 1500s have used arnica to soothe muscle aches and heal wounds in creams, salves, ointments and tinctures. Those same anti-inflammatory ingredients for medicinal preparations have been found to restore and renew your skin. The arnica plant is originally from northern Europe, and now grows healthily throughout North America. The flowers contain flavonoids and essential oils to soothe and renew skin that has been damaged through sun exposure or stress.

Stimulate Blood Circulation Through Arnica Healing

Eminence Calm SkinAlong with the anti-inflammatory properties, arnica also has antibacterial and antiseptic potential to treat a variety of skin disorders. This makes the plant perfect for skin care, especially the organic process used for Eminence products. The flavonoids in arnica act as antioxidants to help prevent skin damage. Arnica contains carotenoids for the formulation of vitamin A, important for the skin. Tannin in the plant makes an excellent astringent. The stimulating features within arnica sooth, soften and revitalize your skin. Arnica healing ingredients have amazing abilities to stimulate blood circulation beneath the skin for a wonderful appearance. Both medicinal and skin care preparations benefit from arnica’s multi-functional capabilities. People who use topical applications with arnica marvel at the warm sensation they bring to the skin. This comes from arnica's ability to increase blood flow. Ex-smokers have a similar sensation when they give up smoking. Blood flow increases significantly because nicotine is no longer present in the bloodstream. It’s an extremely positive feeling, and you get the same sensation when applying arnica skin care to maintain and improve your appearance. You have that wonderful feeling that only adds to the glowing appearance you discover on your skin. If it can heal wounds and bruises, it certainly has the incredible powers to rejuvenate your skin tissues.

Arnica Healing Enhances Sensitive Skin

You get the same soothing and warming sensation with the extra strength calming solution in Calm Skin Arnica Booster-Serum. The arnica and chamomile enhancer improves sensitive skin, but also works for all skin types. Arnica cleanses away impurities to make way for skin toning and firming. Chamomile helps calm and revitalize your skin. Aside from the arnica healing and chamomile balancing of the skin, you receive antioxidants from vitamin C-rich rosehip and the restored moisturizing effects from lavender. Improvement of your skin includes the prevention and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with help from coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid in the Eminence Biocomplex formula.

Restore Skin and Erase Conditions with Arnica Healing

Herbalists and physicians from centuries past were onto something when they discovered the amazing properties of arnica for treating skin injuries. Skin care experts and professionals latched onto it when reaching the conclusions that regenerated skin also boosts skin appearance. A new skin care preparation was born. Beauty has been restored and skin conditions erased ever since. Use Calm Skin Arnica Booster-Serum and other Eminence skin care products to discover the incredible arnica healing properties yourself! 
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