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7 Dry Skin Myths to Dispel for Improved Appearance

by JJ Follano 04 Oct 2013 0 Comments
7 Dry Skin Myths to Dispel for Improved Appearance
Dry skin myths could be hurting your skin. Many remedies you’ve tried on your skin don’t work because they had no basis in fact. Dry skin is easily managed with organic skin care and some simple methods. Here are seven dry skin myths to ignore and ways to turn your dry skin into enhanced beauty. Stay indoors to avoid cold weather that increases dryness. Although extremely cold temperatures can take moisture away from your skin, dry skin intensifies if you rely on a well-heated home. Staying indoors also makes you inactive while staying active outdoors increases blood circulation to moisturize the skin. Enjoy the outdoors with some exercise. Use a humidifier at home when you use the heat and drink plenty of water. Thick moisturizers seal in moisture. Petroleum-based moisturizers were once recommended by dermatologists to hydrate dry skin. But these products irritate the skin, causing breakouts. Stick to lightweight, organic skin care products and avoid hazardous petroleum ingredients.

Avoid Dry Skin Myths and Use Different Approach

Eminence Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer, sun-damaged, irritated, mature skin, antioxidant, nourishing, age-defyingEczema is caused by allergens and stress. These problems might aggravate dry, irritable skin, but eczema is most likely caused by genetic issues, which disrupt the body’s immune system. So don’t focus on dry skin myths, but instead take a different approach. If you have this chronic condition, a creamy moisturizer helps prevent inflammation and strengthen the skin regeneration process. Try the soothing Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer for a pleasant organic treatment. Drinking lots of water gets rid of dry skin. Although drinking adequate amounts of water is healthy, you won’t see a major difference to your dry skin. Excess water intake could even increase dryness. Enjoy water for normal hydration while avoiding chemicals, especially in skin care products, and outside irritants that trigger dry skin flare-ups. You don’t need moisturizer when you have oily skin. Dry or cold climates can affect any skin type. Use all-natural moisturizers, lotions and creams on your oily skin. Moisturizers help stimulate natural oils and get rid of excess oils to encourage a healthy skin renewal process.

Dry Skin Myths During Winter

Take a steamy hot shower or bath to treat dry skin. Unfortunately for these dry skin myths, hot water widens the blood vessels, allowing water to seep out through the skin. This leads to more dryness. If you want a hot shower, stay in for no more than five minutes. Pat dry and moisturize your skin. Don’t exfoliate during cold winter weather because it irritates dry patches. Actually, exfoliating boosts skin cell renewal. Moisture-rich cells move to the surface of your skin. Use enzyme based exfoliants and lightweight organic moisturizers during cold weather to fight dryness and avoid dry skin myths
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