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Discover the Skin Care Used By Celebrities

by Darlene DeVries 16 May 2013
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Glowing praise for Eminence continues from Jennie Garth’s skin care to other celebrities, who have discovered the magnificent results of this unique organic line. Celebrity skin care products often include a supply of Eminence, whether backstage, on the set or in the personal homes of the stars, who depend on a beautiful appearance. Packed with essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients from nature, Eminence products play the pivotal role in anti-aging applications to maintain young looking skin for celebrities and the fashion minded worldwide. Through the Eminence skin care line, the bold and the beautiful have realized what organic formulas can do to keep their youthful glow.

Eminence's Natural Retinol Alternative Complex

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Natural Retinol Alternative Complex and Swiss green apple stem cells in many Eminence products help provide youthful appearance through skin cell regeneration, celebrities have discovered. And so can you! Jennie Garth, star of Beverly Hills 90210 and huge movie hits, has taken to daily use of Eminence products after a treatment at the Spa Montage in Beverly Hills. She described it as an “amazing treatment”and immediately took Eminence home with her. “I love my new products so much!” she exclaimed. The favorites in Jennie Garth’s skin care collection include Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum and Bamboo Firming Fluid. The Natural Retinol Alternative Complex in these products mimics conventional retinol, but contains completely natural ingredients to avoid skin irritation. The Swiss green apple stem cells work as they do in nature to keep skin youthful and vibrant. Jennie also loves Coconut Milk Cleanser and Mango Night Cream.

What Eminence Products are the Stars Using?

If you wonder what skincare products do celebrities use, music and movie legend Madonna adores the all-natural ingredients in Eminence and remarks, “Everything smells like food.” For example, Coconut Sugar Scrub smells like coconut. The aroma of blueberries comes from Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser. The sweet smell of strawberry graces the Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum. Still an American beauty, Mena Suvari also enjoys the strawberry serum, Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, Stone Crop Gel Wash, Bamboo Firming Fluid and Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist. She even wrote to thank Eminence for “always making me look and feel my best!” After Paula Abdul was presented with a gift bag containing Eminence during Oscar night, she wrote asking Eminence to provide her with more Eminence oraganic best sellers. Take A Journey to Youthful Skin Aside from Jennie Garth’s skin care and other celebrity endorsements, stunning Jessica Biel calls Eminence founder Boldijarre Koronczay “a skin god” after she received a personal facial. The star of The Illusionist and The A-Team still keeps Eminence close by. Her favorite products include the Biodynamic organic collection, Quince Nourishing Body Lotion and Tropical Vanilla Sun Cream SPF 32. Eminence doesn’t necessarily depend on praises from celebrities, especially since it always gets so many rave reviews from customers who realize how Eminence works so quickly to bring their skin to life! But having the backing of the stars because of the effectiveness of its products shows how vital Eminence is when it comes to celebrity skin care products. This also reaffirms the testimonials from customers, who can say to others how right they are about the wonders of Eminence. Whether you try them on your own or take the advice from Jennie Garth’s skin care, you are on a wonderful journey to youthful, glowing looks.
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