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Get to Know Celebrity Favorites from Eminence

by JJ Follano 11 Apr 2014
Get to Know Celebrity Favorites from Eminence
Youthful and radiant skin can be yours when you pay attention to celebrity favorites from Eminence. Stars of stage and screen use and endorse the organic skin care products for everlasting beauty. Turn yourself into a star! Celebrities from Madonna and Cher to Mena Suvari and Alicia Keys praise the captivating results of Eminence. Madonna told an interviewer she loves the fresh aroma of natural fruit in the various lotions, creams and moisturizers. Along with Jennie Garth and Jessica Biel, male stars, including Harry Connick Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland, depend on Eminence to maintain and enhance their appearance. We all want to look great, and celebrities know what works best to keep them in favor with their fans.

Celebrity Favorites from Eminence Save the Earth

eminence organic skin care, eminence store, emminence tree planting, sustainable, free shipping, eminence organics,The Beyond Organic Collection is a favorite for Megan Fox. Beautiful skin means a beautiful product, according to actress Jena Malone of Stepmom and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire fame. She notes her “love” for Strawberry Hyaluronic Serum, Stone Crop Hydrating Mist and other Eminence products. Alicia Silverstone also loves Eminence for the results, but has other reasons for using the organic products. Eminence, she points out, helps “the animals, the planet and people’s health” because of its emphasis on purely natural ingredients and cruelty-free testing methods that don’t harm animals. Choosing celebrity favorites from Eminence allows you to help save the Earth while improving your own appearance! Eminence even works with celebrities to beautify and protect nature. A recent Tweet4Trees campaign by celebrities led to the planting of a tree for every star retweet. The Eminence program was a complete success in its effort to boost the planet with oxygen-giving trees. In fact, the Hollywood campaign resulted in the planting of 1,070 new trees for Mother Nature. Celebrities know that using Eminence products not only improves their skin, important to their careers, but also supports nature. The recent Oscar ceremonies came in handy for Eminence to promote its Forests for the Future campaign. Eminence has been involved with the Academy Awards program for the past seven years. New stars continually discover the unique scents and wonderful results of Eminence organic skin care.

Glowing Skin with Celebrity Favorites from Eminence

Celebrity favorites from Eminence include the latest products. House of Cards actress Rachel Brosnahan has called Eminence, “my favorite skin care line!” She loves the new Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System. The collection includes the Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream for collagen-boosting production that firms and regenerates your skin. The age-defying cream increases skin elasticity for improved skin tone and firmness. It hydrates, softens and soothes your skin. The cream also reduces inflammation and redness for glowing skin.

Customer and Celebrity Favorites from Eminence

Like consumers worldwide, more and more celebrities are not only discovering Eminence, but also openly praising the results. Check out the many great reviews about Eminence skin care from the many customers who want to spread the word. Celebrities and their fans want to look and feel their best, and help others to do the same. You can learn a lot from customer reviews and celebrity favorites from Eminence
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