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Cornflower Recovery Serum Revitalizes Your Skin, Eyes

by JJ Follano 19 Jun 2013
Cornflower Recovery Serum Revitalizes Your Skin, Eyes
The rejuvenating skin results of Cornflower Recovery Serum from Eminence owe much of their healing powers to the anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants in the wonderful plant. The flowers show their true colors with blue, pink, purple and white when cultivated throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Aside from the beauty of this particular plant, cornflower contains valuable flavonoids that are beneficial to your overall health, including the skin. Flavonoids supply your skin with antioxidants that fight skin damage. That’s what makes cornflower such a wonderful addition to your skin care, especially for mature skin. The toning properties and antioxidants work together to smooth out those wrinkles and fine lines.

Twinkle in Your Eyes from Cornflower Recovery Serum

Cornflower has marvelous soothing capabilities around the eyes. You will see the lines and crow’s feet diminish in a short time with daily application of eye care products with cornflower. Even more than that, cornflower relieves tired or itchy eyes from outside pollutants or too much time spent reading. The anti-inflammatory ingredients even get rid of that puffiness that can appear around the eyes. Your eyes become revitalized because they not only look fabulously bright, but the eye area also obtains healthy substances to boost firm skin texture. Use Cornflower Recovery Serum from Eminence for a glowing appearance and a twinkle in your eyes! It’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians believed cornflower could bring back the dead or offer rejuvenation in the afterlife. Cornflower wreaths have been found along ancient Egyptian tombs. Ancient Greeks also valued the splendid herb. Herbalists and physicians throughout Europe have used cornflower for eye care to treat eye disorders for centuries. Some naturalists have praised its powers for improving vision! These historical beliefs evolved into the proven effects of cornflower skin care treatment. Research suggests flavonoids do indeed have powers to improve vision and also indicates amazing skin benefits. That evidence comes from researchers and proud users of cornflower skin care products. Immediate results for youthful, glowing skin have been shown with cornflower and other Eminence Biodynamic skin care processes. The Biodynamic method in harvesting ingredients for Eminence skin care includes the use of organic substances along with completely natural techniques that avoid chemicals and pesticides. Herbs and plants are handpicked without interference from modern machinery. The ingredients are then hand mixed and handmade for truly organic Eminence Biodynamic skin care.

Ageless Benefits of Cornflower Recovery Serum

It’s not uncommon to see wrinkles disappear in a matter of weeks after using Cornflower Recovery Serum. Just ask any of the happy reviewers of the product. One consumer reveals the absolute amazement of a friend who said, “You have no wrinkles!” This came only three weeks following application. The customer has mature and sensitive skin, but noticed immediate improvement in tone, firmness and tightness.

Cornflower Recovery Serum Soothes and Revitalizes

The serum, which helps all skin types, also contains clary sage for calming the skin and balancing oil production with the proper amount of moisture. Chamomile also calms and balances the skin for revitalization. You get softness and improvement of skin elasticity with the vitamins and minerals from summer squash and hibiscus. Enjoy the way Cornflower Recovery Serum makes your skin come alive with soothing effects, but also take advantage of its anti-aging powers! 
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