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Restful Joy of Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate

by JJ Follano 12 Aug 2013 0 Comments
Restful Joy of Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate
Overnight hydration performs anti-aging miracles with Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate. What a joy to sleep comfortably knowing you will wake up to younger-looking skin and a sensational appearance! This unique beauty sleep concept is the key to the Eminence Age Corrective Night Collection, which includes night creams, eye creams, moisturizers and booster-serums. The boosting concentrate improves normal to dry skin types, but provides special wonders for mature skin. The proof comes from clinical studies, which have revealed a 26 percent decrease in wrinkle depth along with significant improvement in skin density for smoother skin. You actually sleep away those signs of aging. You get a sound sleep and beautiful skin!

Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate Replenishes Moisture

eminence,organic,age corrective,night,argan stem cell,anti aging, lavender,monoi,concentrae,eye cream,anti wrinklePart of the Eminence secret includes Argan Stem Cell Complex, featuring argan stem cells and nutmeg seed, which the studies show accelerate your skin’s natural abilities to repair itself and regenerate healthy skin cells and tissues. The argan stem cells and nutmeg seed have natural tendencies to smooth your skin. Plant cells from the argan tree provide longevity. Technicians have been able to transfer this magical process from nature to boost your body’s stem cells, erasing wrinkles as the complex penetrates deep into your skin. The Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate, of course, contains lavender for replenishing moisture that adds to soothing, softening results for your skin. Moisturizing and hydration also come from evening primrose oil, shea butter and jojoba oil. More importantly, the organic ingredients in the Eminence Age Corrective Night Collection perform their fountain-of-youth process as you sleep. It turns out, this is the best time for your body and your skin to repair itself. You might experience some damage to your skin from outside elements during the day. When your body is at rest, barriers within your skin tissue come down, making it easier for natural skin care ingredients to repair that damage. Your skin cells and tissues accept the wonderful gifts from nature while you sleep. You wake up with new, glowing skin. Studies have shown the disappearance of lines and wrinkles within days or weeks!

Sweet Dreams with Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate

Say good-bye to those aging skin concerns with Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate. Get extra protection and age-defying results with the Eminence Lavender Age Corrective Night Eye Cream or other products in the collection, such as the items containing monoi, a wonderful Tahitian oil that reduces crow’s feet, lines and wrinkles. Shop by collection or your skin type and rest easily as you watch your appearance become naturally ageless. You won’t have to worry about how to firm your skin for wrinkle reduction. Just apply Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate and enjoy sweet dreams while your skin becomes livelier with a youthful glow! 
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