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Purify Your Skin with Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque

by JJ Follano 22 Jul 2013 0 Comments
Purify Your Skin with Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque
The healing potential for Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque comes from earthly substances recognized by researchers, herbalists and skin care professionals to enhance the body’s immune system. Garlic contains antioxidant properties to rid your body of impurities and maintain healthy circulation for beautiful skin. Allicin, the main active component of garlic, inhibits the growth of germs. Lycopene, a carotenoid in tomatoes, has been in the news for possible anti-cancer abilities. It also acts as an antioxidant. Tomatoes include sources of nutrients, such as antioxidant-rich vitamin C. It’s no wonder the mixing of these natural powerhouses brings an excellent toning masque for problem skin and oily skin types.

Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque for Acne

Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque, Lycopene, Problem Skin, Acne, Oily, Oil-ControlThe lycopene-rich formula combats visible aging signs while odorless garlic helps reduce inflammation, providing oxygen to the skin with sulfoxides and antioxidants. Add to that the moisturizing and nourishment from honey and antioxidants from soothing, calming St. John’s wort, and you have the balanced oil production to clear blemishes for successful acne treatment through Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque. The sweet yellow clover in the masque provides stimulation of the skin tissue to prevent inflammation. Vitamin B works to rejuvenate your skin for a flawless complexion. Watch your skin tone beautifully by mixing a small amount of the masque with a few drops of water, and then applying evenly over your entire face and neck. Allow five to 10 minutes for drying before gently scrubbing off with a warm face cloth in a circular motion. Rinse with clear water and feel the softness of your skin. Some people prefer letting the masque dry for longer for even more softness and beauty. Blemishes clear up in no time and the masque even works as a spot treatment. The product does not dry the skin. The masque contains natural ingredients that balance essential oils. Too much dryness can trigger further skin problems. Eminence face products get rid of excess oils and leave enough moisture for healthy skin cells to reproduce new tissue and texture.

Instant Improvement from Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque

Customers often notice a change to the skin’s texture immediately after using Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque. The natural healing substances also cause no irritation because they work compatibly with your natural skin cells. This not only gets rid of skin problems for acne-prone skin, but it also contributes to smoothing the skin with soft, clear results! The masque is one of many Eminence applications used and endorsed by spa professionals. It’s not uncommon for people to become regular Eminence users after a visit to the local spa. Clients may inquire about treatments and often receive the recommendation of Eminence organic skin care. The amazing healing ingredients contained in Eminence Garlic & Tomato Masque should tell you why it has become so highly recommended. 
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