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Natural Options to Beautify Mature Skin

by JJ Follano 20 Feb 2015 0 Comments
Natural Options to Beautify Mature Skin
Hydration from natural plant sources plays an important role for mature skin. Dry skin as well benefits significantly with moisturizing from organic skin care to prevent and reverse visible aging signs. Your skin loses some of its natural abilities to maintain a youthful appearance as you age. That seems natural, but natural ingredients can come to the rescue. Plant sources used in organic cosmetics can reawaken your skin cells to continue producing such substances as collagen, the protein that keeps your skin firm. They pick up where your body’s abilities have diminished. By absorbing organic ingredients, your skin begins firming itself once again, preventing or reversing lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. You skin cells and tissues are only too happy to accept these ingredients. Because they are completely natural, your body begins manufacturing protective cells and organisms as it once did.

If You Have Mature Skin, You Have Natural Anti-Aging Remedies

Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid, Organic, Organics,, Retinol alternative, natural, Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells, Age Corrective Collection, Age Defying, chicory root, coconut water, moisturizer, proteins, vitamins, minerals, best seller, best selling, featured productEminence researchers and technicians have discovered the glorious abilities of plants and other sources in nature to be used in skin care. They have developed cosmetics that use the power of nature for a process that brings you a beautiful, youthful appearance. Past cosmetics researchers thought that retinol, a form of vitamin A, was the anti-aging miracle for mature skin types. Retinol was able to boost skin renewal and regeneration to increase the production of collagen. However, retinol has side effects that defeat the original purpose. Enzymes in retinol can irritate the skin, causing dryness, redness and sensitivity to the skin. A formula called Natural Retinol Alternative Complex was created by Eminence to bring you all the advantages of retinol without the side effects. In fact, research has shown the complex works better than retinol at producing collagen because of the completely organic ingredients. The retinol alternative uses chicory root and tara tree to work as an anti-aging element in Eminence products. Along with that natural miracle, Eminence technicians also use Swiss green apple stem cells from traditional, long-lasting trees of Switzerland to provide you with youthful skin health. The stem cells, which provide longevity to the trees that last hundreds of years, work the same way in the skin of people. The stem cells work with your body’s skin cells to reduce visible aging signs. You actually watch your appearance turn around completely with glowing, ageless skin by using these anti-aging remedies from Mother Nature.

A New Glow for Mature Skin and Dry Skin

These formulas for mature skin and dry skin are found in Bamboo Firming Fluid, which also diminishes and prevents aging signs for people with normal skin. Along with the ingredients in the natural retinol alternative and the green apple stem cells, the fluid contains fiber, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals from bamboo. Coconut oil and coconut water moisturize to restore the skin’s beauty. The fluid soaks into your skin immediately to do its job. You will notice the results almost instantly! Bamboo Firming Fluid is also part of the Eminence Age Corrective Starter Set, which includes an age-defying cleanser, moisturizer, eye serum and masque. Whether you have dry skin, normal skin or mature skin, you will see a new glow with these organic products. 
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