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Mineral Makeup Beautifies, Protects Your Features

by JJ Follano 02 Feb 2015 0 Comments
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The reason mineral makeup works so much better than conventional cosmetics is because of safety and compatibility for your skin. The minerals work with your body’s natural oils for resistance to age-related factors. Makeup protects your skin from harmful elements in the environment to reduce skin damage. However, adding chemicals or synthetic ingredients to skin care products just intensifies the hazardous conditions. These artificial additives actually harm your skin. Natural mineral components, on the other hand, protect your skin without seeping into the pores. It provides a natural barrier to damaging elements while allowing your skin to breathe. You feed your skin with organic properties that your natural skin recognizes and you shield your skin from sun damage or other harmful irritants. You also avoid unwanted breakouts you get from artificial applications. Stay natural and nature will work with and for your skin.

Natural Ingredients in Mineral Makeup Are Compatible with Your Skin

Eminence Makeup Kit, Juicy Deals, Bundle, Eminence OrganicsOrganic mineral products provide compact features with few ingredients. Try looking at the ingredients of commercial or many popular brands. You might see a long list of substances, which include the chemicals that only aggravate skin issues. You might not even want to try pronouncing the names of some of these additives. Now take a look at the mineral makeup ingredients from Eminence products. You’ll find a few ingredients and you will recognize their names. That’s because they come straight from nature with such pleasant sources as fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs. Chemicals aren’t compatible with your skin cells and tissues, and that only causes more skin problems. Organic ingredients adhere to your skin’s essential oils and natural renewal processes. The organic substances also bring these all-natural skin care products a long shelf life. The simplicity of these products allows you to keep them for a long time. You’ve probably had to toss commercial brands way too often. But the long shelf life for organic products also lasts longer on your skin. Only a small amount is necessary because the makeup works with your skin tissue. You can add some more touches to areas that need it. You don’t have any artificial ingredients that just don’t last long. Some people take advantage of the different ways to use mineral foundations. To fit their specific needs, they might add the right amount of water to it or mix the mineral product with moisturizer to provide the foundation that works for them.

Mineral Makeup Holds Up Through the Day and Night

At any rate, mineral makeup comes in varieties. Vanilla Cream Antioxidant Mineral Foundation also comes in a honey beige shade. You can build your coverage with the naturally pressed mineral powder. The chemical-free foundation includes rosemary extract as an astringent and an antioxidant to fight aging skin. Acai berry fruit extract nourishes the skin with antioxidants and nutrients. Green tea leaf extract, also an antioxidant, neutralizes the harmful rays of the sun to prevent skin damage. The natural ingredients do not settle into lines or wrinkles, and they don’t contribute to the development of blemishes or irritation. Mineral makeup will hold up throughout the day and night, maintaining the beauty and health of your skin. 
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