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Magnificent Glow of Pregnancy Safe Skin Care

by JJ Follano 16 Feb 2015 0 Comments
Magnificent Glow of Pregnancy Safe Skin Care
New and expectant moms can find beauty and self-confidence through pregnancy safe skin care. Hormonal changes can create doubts at this time, but you can still have that magnificent pregnancy glow! Skin problems during and after pregnancy can range from blemishes and breakouts to stretch marks and sensitive skin. One of the major complaints from expectant and new moms is dry skin because of what the hormones can do. Moisturizing is one way to deal with dry and dehydrated skin, but it also helps repair irritated skin. Excessive dryness of the skin can lead to breakouts because the skin cells aren’t able to create healthy, new skin tissue with the extra debris on the skin surface. So moisturizing with a good organic skin care product can hydrate your skin while minimizing irritation that leads to blemishes. You can heal yourself and make this a joyous occasion.

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Line Includes Creams, Lotions, Moisturizers

Eminence Quince Nourishing Body Lotion, hydrating, body cream, sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, biodynamic, beyond organic, antioxidantsYou certainly don’t want this to be a negative phase in your life, especially since it’s not. It’s the best time of your life and you can keep it that way, avoiding those problems that too many pregnant moms just expect to happen. Luckily, you have many creams, lotions, oils and moisturizers to choose from in the pregnancy safe skin care line from Eminence. One of the top healing and nourishing creams to try out during your wonderful phase in life is Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream. It has great benefits for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It also works for normal skin types. The cream moisturizes, hydrates and lubricates your skin through flax seed. Apricot replenishes the moisture barrier for a smooth complexion. The yarrow herb soothes and rejuvenates the appearance of your skin while Echinacea provides a protective shield against the environmental elements. Your skin’s elasticity is enhanced through cocoa butter in the nourishing cream. Apricot Calendula is perfect for the winter weather to avoid the dryness. It provides just enough moisturizing to prevent or reduce dryness while keeping your skin tissue fresh for regeneration, necessary for proper growth of new, healthy skin cells. Other items to help avoid dryness and irritated skin during pregnancy include Mimosa Champagne Massage Oil, Facial Recovery Oil, Sweet Red Rose Cleanser, Soy Blueberry Body Wash and Quince Nourishing Body Lotion, as well as other safe, organic products. The all-natural ingredients are safe for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Selection Fits Into Healthy Lifestyle

Along with making your choices from the pregnancy safe skin care selection, you can take care of your body and your baby by eating right. Choose this time to avoid too much sugar or refined grains. Enjoy healthy fruits and whole grains. Avoid fried and fatty foods, which irritate the skin, and try some natural foods that promote skin health, such as salmon, walnuts, almonds and avocado, which contain “good” unsaturated fats. Enjoy fresh and steamed vegetables as well. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and keep your skin moist and clear. This healthy diet works to prevent or reduce the risk of breakouts and other side effects while you take advantage of the pregnancy safe skin care line from Eminence. 
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