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Lip Care Tips to Bring Back a Beautiful Smile

by JJ Follano 23 May 2014 0 Comments
A glowing appearance needs proper lip care to enhance your full features. Sure, kissable, voluptuous lips sound enticing on their own. But they also play an essential role in that big, beautiful smile that can make all the difference. Your face brightens up when you treat your lips right. The great beauties of our time, from movie stars to supermodels to world-renowned figureheads, have relied on the sensuality of their lips as the center of attention. You don’t have to be a celebrity, but you can become the center of attention to the people you hold near and dear to you. Focusing on your lips will round out the beautiful appearance of your face. Putting on the right lipstick or lip balm is merely one activity in enhancing your lips. You’ve got to protect them as well to make your skin care applications work to their full potential.

Hydrate Your Skin for Organic Lip Care

Eminence sun defense minerals, Eminence skin care reviews, organic lip glossOne area that can remove the beauty of your lips is dryness. Dry air robs your lips of essential moisture and hydration. And lips don’t have the moisturizing ability the rest of your skin has, so that makes them extra vulnerable. Avoid licking your lips, because enzymes from saliva eventually cause peeling. Lip care may include lip balms to help hydrate your skin. But avoid chemical compounds added to lip balms, claiming to help. These synthetic additives hurt your lips as well as the rest of your skin. That’s one reason to stick with organic skin care whether it comes to your lips or the rest of your body. The sun’s rays also rob your lips of moisture, causing further dryness. Use lip products that contain natural moisturizing ingredients to protect your lips from the sun and keep them hydrated. Here’s something you might not have thought of when keeping your lips smooth and kissable. Exfoliate your lips just as you would exfoliate the rest of the skin on your body on a regular basis. Your lips can also build up dry skin tissue from dead skin cells, leaving them flaky. Exfoliation can smooth out the texture on your skin. You can use exfoliating lip treatments or other ways to get rid of dead skin cells. One method includes exfoliating with a dry toothbrush, whatever you can do to keep your lips free from dryness. Exfoliating your lips makes lip products smoother and easier to apply to your lips.

Lip Care with Lightweight Plumper

Lip care following exfoliation might include a lip liner or a tint to add special protection. When it’s time to apply a gloss, try a lightweight version with Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper. After all the work you’ve done to shield your lips, the lip plumper improves circulation to bring you kissable lips! The cinnamon oil works to invigorate and revitalize your lips. The gloss also has a spicy flavor with that extra hint of cinnamon. Antioxidants come from capsicum, pomegranate oil and pumpkin seed oil. Antioxidants are important to fight against damage that affects your skin and your lips. Keep them hydrated and tingling with kissable sensation from organic lip care
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