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Green Tea Moisturizes for Health and Beauty

by JJ Follano 11 Mar 2015 0 Comments
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Encouraging studies show that green tea protects your skin from sun damage and aging signs. The topical formula contains antioxidants and reduces inflammation. Drink it and put it on your skin for good health! The medicinal value of green tea has been known for centuries in many cultures. The polyphenols in tea combat free radicals that damage the skin. These phytochemicals also guard you against skin cancer, infections and toxins. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties slow down the aging process to reduce lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. The tea inhibits enzymes that contribute to aging skin. Studies have shown that the tea enhances skin elasticity. Research also reveals it can improve rosacea, the skin disorder that causes discoloration and dark spots. There’s good reason for the tea to be carried on from generations to generations for medicinal purposes, which now work in skin care applications.

Enjoy Green Tea and Let the Natural Substances Improve Your Skin

Eminence Balancing Moisturizer DuoResearchers have been raving about the tea’s healthy effects for many years because of these revelations. Aside from the benefits with organic skin care, you can drink it with delight and boost your health. The catechins in the tea provide antioxidants to prevent cell damage in your skin and body. The tea is a natural product that goes through little processing before the dried leaves of the plant are used for drinks. You can enjoy green tea as a hot or cold beverage and let its natural substances go to work to protect your skin. It also prevents a variety of heart-related issues. The tea improves blood flow enough to lower bad cholesterol. The natural drink pushes out the substances that clog the arteries. It improves blood pressure and may protect you from heart disease. The tea helps stabilize blood sugar levels to control diabetes. Active ingredients in the tea even help control your weight. Not everyone can always control diet. You can try, but there are times when you want those delicious foods that can add pounds. The tea ingredients manage to shed those unwanted pounds, according to some studies. Green tea makes a great substitute for sugary drinks that put on weight. Instead of ruining your attempts at weight control with sweet drinks, enjoy the natural tea that has its own sweetness. You won’t add calories and you can satisfy your taste buds without using sodas or other sugary liquids.

Green Tea Provides Healthy, Glowing Skin

But let’s get back to green tea in organic skin care. While the tea aids your diet, it works miraculously on your skin. Eminence Balancing Moisturizer Duo includes a Green Tea T-Zone Mattifier that cleanses and moisturizers along with providing those fascinating antioxidants. The Pomelo Cheek Hydrator cleanses and moisturizes the cheeks for a healthy balancing combination. This will revitalize the texture of your skin, making it feel smooth and hydrated. The balancing duo help to minimize and refine pores to reduce blemishes and skin irritations from acne. What a powerful combination that will complement the natural benefits of drinking the tea! Enjoy green tea as a healthy beverage and skin care application for healthy, glowing skin! 
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