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Earth Friendly Skin Care Is Simply Biodynamic

by JJ Follano 02 Jun 2014 0 Comments
With Earth friendly skin care you’re doing yourself and the world a big favor. Your skin becomes bright and vibrant. At the same time you’re helping to improve nature. Your own beauty improves along with Mother Nature because of the balanced, holistic approach used in the unique methods of Eminence, based in the Hungarian farmlands. Harvesting the ingredients for Eminence products comes from its exclusive Biodynamic farming techniques. A self-supporting ecosystem provides fruits, herbs and plants with high amounts of nutrients for the eventual production of purely organic skin care. No chemicals or artificial methods are used in the harvesting and manufacturing of all ingredients. Crops are grown naturally without harsh pesticides. Even such methods as honey traps are used for natural repellents. To further its cause to enhance nature, Eminence uses no animal testing for its products. Biodynamic farming is truly all-natural!

Purest Moisture for Earth Friendly Skin Care

Eminence Biodynamic/ Beyond Organic Gift Box, beyond organic collection wooden tube, sensitive skin, lemon grass cleanser, hawthorn tonique, radish seed refining peel, primrose melon, hypoallergenic, anti-redness masque, apricot calendulaWhat’s more, Eminence farming techniques adhere to the process of nature’s planting cycle. Crops are harvested after a lunar cycle that assures the most and purest moisture for the roots. This provides higher amounts of vitamins and nutrients for the plants, which eventually make up the best formula for magnificent, Earth friendly skin care. Seeds not used immediately for manufacturing are used for future crops for the ongoing, completely natural, process of organic harvesting. The ingredients remain natural on the production line. Plants are handpicked and the ingredients are hand-mixed without the use of artificial additives. Even the packaging of Eminence products remains environmentally friendly. This unique method of farming has been used for more than 50 years, making Eminence known worldwide for its focus on green production of skin care items. The holistic approach is used by consumers as well when they order and receive Eminence products at their door. You can enjoy the freshness and all-natural advantages of farming plants, exotic spices and fruit pulps from Mother Nature. Know that the ingredients in these products will keep your skin in touch with nature. That’s the reason Eminence customers praise the skin care products they receive. Their skin’s appearance improves because of the ingredients that work so well within the cycle of nature. Organic ingredients boost the skin tissues naturally, providing you with glowing, young-looking results for years to come. You improve your appearance and the world itself benefits.

Earth Friendly Skin Care Makes Everything Better

If you want Earth friendly skin, try the collection in the Biodynamic Wooden Box. It’s a travel-sized gift set that contains hypoallergenic skin care for all skin types. The Biodynamic Collection Tube includes nine products, such as lotions, creams, masque, peels and cleansers. The Lemon Grass Cleanser cleanses, calms, hydrates and revitalizes your skin with ingredients fresh from the Earth. The Hawthorn Tonique hydrates and balances your skin. Radish Seed Refining Peel keeps blemishes at bay. The natural elements in all of the products provide the herbal ingredients to keep your skin feeling cool, refreshed and calm for smoother, more beautiful skin. The way you enhance your appearance with Earth friendly skin care becomes even more appealing because you are making everyone on the planet feel and look better. 
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