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Choosing the Right Moisturizer for Soft Results

by JJ Follano 14 May 2014 0 Comments
Choosing the Right Moisturizer for Soft Results
The right moisturizer makes your skin look and feel soft. But first you need the moisturizer that fits your skin type. You also want the best for your skin — and that means the natural support from organic skin care. Fragrance plays a big part of many skin care products. The aroma alone can boost your emotions with fresh scents. But many fragrances in skin care products contain synthetic ingredients and toxins that harm your skin. Sure, they bring that wonderful scent, but also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. If you want the fresh aroma without those hazardous side effects, you can depend on Eminence organic skin care. The fresh scents come from all-natural ingredients in fruit, herbs and plant sources. Be careful when you see unscented or fragrance-free products advertised. Some companies include fragrances to hide unpleasant odors from chemicals. Not with organic skin care!

Purely Organic Ingredients for the Right Moisturizer

authorized skin care sellerAlso, watch for the terms natural and organic. Many cosmetics promote their natural ingredients without letting you know the products also include synthetic additives. The products are “natural” except for the other junk included. When choosing the right moisturizer, know that Eminence has more than a half-century of experience with harvesting and manufacturing purely organic ingredients in its products. No artificial fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals are used in the fields when farming the plant sources. The products are handmade and hand-mixed without artificial interference. Aside from being environmentally friendly, Eminence products are friends to life. No animal testing is allowed in the making of its skin care items. You can feel emotionally and physically satisfied when you buy items from, because you and your skin are one with nature. For this reason, you will find many products that are also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic when shopping for organic skin care. You most likely won’t have to worry about allergic reactions when you purchase hypoallergenic products. This is often the case because of the friendly organic ingredients inside. Non-comedogenic skin care products from Eminence don’t cause clogging of the pores. Because of this, organic moisturizers can eliminate excess oils that cause skin problems while leaving your skin with a proper amount of moisture. Organic skin care is compatible with your skin, resulting in a natural reaction that provides your skin with the moisture nature intended.

Right Moisturizer Provides Glow and Soft Skin

The right moisturizer also depends on your skin type and sufficient sun protection. Choose a moisturizer knowing if you have dry, oily, sensitive, normal or combination skin. But also make sure the product protects you from harmful UV rays that can damage your skin. Cocoa Latte – Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25 has sun protection with a natural zinc finish. It also works on all skin types. The Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25 line is available in three shades from light to dark. Eminence customers love it for its lightweight coverage that also provides the skin with a glow. Organic ingredients from linden tea, shea butter, aloe, jojoba oil and corn germ oil nourish your skin while keeping it well-hydrated for moisturizing that rejuvenates your skin. Feel and see the soft appearance of your skin with the right moisturizer
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