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Changes of Skin During Pregnancy

by Darlene DeVries 28 Aug 2020 0 Comments
Changes of Skin During Pregnancy


You are not alone. Many women experience breakouts and acne during pregnancy due to a surge of hormones in your body. These hormones cause the oil glands to release more oil which can lead to breakouts. To combat problem skin during pregnancy, wash your face with a gentle cleanser such as Eminence’s Stone Crop Gel Wash or the probiotic-rich Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser. Always consult your Primary Care Physician when introducing new products into your skincare regimen.



One of the most common indicators of pregnancy is pigmentation changes in the skin. You may notice that areas, such as moles and freckles, may darken while new spots may appear. After birth, although some of the spots may stay a bit darker than they were before, they may also lighten.

Darker areas of pigmentation on your forehead, cheeks, and neck are often recognized as melasma. Melasma occurs due to increased levels of melanin, a hormone that stimulates the cells in the body that produce pigment and gives rise to darker skin, freckles, and birthmarks. Although the darker patches on your skin will last throughout your pregnancy, Eminence’s Bright Skin Collection is full of natural ingredients that mimic the effects of hydroquinone without the adverse effects it can have.  


Stretch Marks

About 90% of women experience indented streaks that often appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, and thighs commonly known as stretch marks. The cause of these reddish streaks is the stretching and pulling of the skin, mostly occurring in the second and third trimester.

According to an article from Stanford Children’s Health, “stretch marks can happen anywhere there is rapid growth and stretching of the skin. Unfortunately, no methods are proven to prevent or erase stretch marks. And this is in spite of the abundance of lotions and creams advertised. The marks will fade over time, and any irritation may be reduced by using a moisturizer.”

If you’re not sure where to start, try Eminence Organic’s luxurious lightweight Stone Crop Body Oil. This body oil combines ingredients that will soften and soothe your skin.  


Glowing skin

The notion that women experience a “glow” during pregnancy is real. Women mostly appreciate the glow or shine displayed on their faces. Some say this change in your skin is simply psychological. However, a few factors that may contribute to the skin’s radiance include increased hormones, which cause facial oil glands to produce more oil. The increase in oil production makes your facial skin shinier and increases blood flow to the surface, resulting in a bright and blushed appearance. To control the increased oil production on your skin, essential to use oil-free products like the Eminence’s Stone Crop Hydrating Gel.

EMstore wants to help you meet your skincare needs in all stages of life. We hope you enjoyed this article on pregnancy and all its effects on your skin. Some of the fantastic products in this article are listed below. Enjoy! 

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