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Bathing Weekly | Natural Detox For Your Body

by JJ Follano 22 Mar 2017 0 Comments
Bathing Weekly | Natural Detox For Your Body
Bathing weekly can be a great, natural and simple detox for your body, it can also cleanse your mental and emotional stress easily and at very little expense. Learn more about this skin care step you are likely missing out on! Today, bathing is too often seen in terms of indulgence rather than hygiene. Although bathing is great for the sake of relaxation, solitude, sensuality, retreat, or luxury, a phenomenal amount of health benefit gets lost in the migration from bath to shower (which is the "norm" for the daily cleansing of the body in society today). Bathing is not just for children, it's for everyone. In reality, bathing is one of the most systemically corrective things you can do for your body. "The warm water in which you submerge gently stimulates detoxification through the skin and other organs of elimination (the kidneys, liver, colon and lungs) by inducing lymphatic flow, improving circulation, calming inflammation and encouraging sweating. Add scrubbing to the process as your dead skin layers naturally slough off in water, and you remove innumerable pollutants and even metabolic waste products that have been collected there. Remember, the skin is the largest organ for detoxification and therefore a first line of defense for your body," explained Dr. Susanne Bennett, self-proclaimed skin expert. Being proactive and bathing once weekly has actually been shown to have the ability to replace certain types of doctor's treatments, spa visits or other more invasive detox modalities and procedures. In order to get the most out of your bath, take a shower first. Since the purpose of bathing is to provide a natural detox for your body, you definitely don't want to enter a bath with a sweaty body or dirty feet - you would be defeating the purpose! We recommend gently scrubbing your body in the shower with one of our sugar scrubs, such as our popular Pear & Green Apple Sugar Scrub to provide a deep cleanse that will open your pores. Draw your bath at a comfortably hot, but not scalding temperature. You may want to add four to five drops of a DoTERRA Essential Oil such as Lavender to provide a soothing, calming aroma that will ease you into ultimate relaxation. You can purchase DoTERRA Lavender directly from our authorized DoTERRA retailer here. For a weekly bath to be effective, you will want to make sure you are staying in the bath for a minimum of 20-30 minutes before drying yourself vigorously with a clean, warm towel. It's important to note that you should not scrub or exfoliate your skin after 8 pm, as the very mild irritation to the skin has been known to keep some awake. Take care of your body and control of your health, start incorporating a bath into your weekly skincare routine! Happy bathing!
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