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Anti-Aging Skin Care from the Trees of Life

by JJ Follano 30 Jun 2014 0 Comments
Anti-Aging Skin Care from the Trees of Life
You’ll see a dramatic decrease in wrinkles with anti-aging skin care from the natural sources of Eminence. Firmness, as well as softness, of your skin becomes restored. Organic ingredients help your body and skin tissues revitalize your appearance. The unique formula for PhytoCellTec Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells works with your body’s own cells to bring on an instant tightening and lifting effect. The secret lies in the proteins and nutrients from the healing stem cells in the green apples of Switzerland. These particular apples have been grown for centuries through the traditional method. Before flavor or size became the priority of apple growers, farmers relied on the longevity of trees to make their apples last. These apple trees, which stand for 200 years or more, still exist and scientists discovered the Swiss green apple stem cells contained ingredients that boost the youth-giving stem cells in the human body.

Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti Aging, age corrective, apple stem cell, antioxidant vitamins, Eminence skin care products Greem Apple Stem Cells Fight Aging
Human stem cells begin losing their power as we age and people start losing their production of collagen, which helps firm the skin and keep it young. That’s why you might spot more wrinkles or lines as you age. The trick is getting your collagen levels back on track. Swiss green apple stem cells in anti-aging skin care products were found to do just that by regenerating and replenishing collagen. The natural technique has the natural results of combating skin aging. Firmness and skin elasticity increase with use of the revolutionary stem cells. Studies found that 100 percent of subjects using the stem cell skin care saw significant decreases in wrinkle depth. That’s because the Swiss green apple stem cells actually push your own body’s stem cells into action to produce new and lively skin tissue. The aging signs begin to vanish! Add to that another collagen-boosting ingredient from nature. Natural Retinol Alternative Complex replaces the retinol used in many skin care products. Retinol can help firm the skin, but it has side effects that can cause skin sensitivity and blotches. The natural retinol formula is made from organic substances, such as chicory root and tara tree. Studies have shown the complex works as well or even better than retinol. You’ll see firming and tightening of your skin within minutes! Researchers found that collagen levels increase by 25 percent in less than a week. Eminence customers see improvement of their skin with a youthful glow in days.

Anti-Aging Skin Care in a Package

The anti-aging skin care products powered by Swiss green apple stem cells and Natural Retinol Alternative Complex include Bamboo Firming Fluid, a popular Eminence item. The concentrate helps to reduce and eliminate signs of aging. The bamboo contains fiber, antioxidants to protect your skin from damage, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil and water moisturize, balance and tone your skin. The soothing and fragrant Monoi oil hydrates and firms your skin. Of course, the retinol alternative and the stem cells from Swiss green apple trees add the final touches to ridding your skin of lines and wrinkles with firm, youthful skin. You’ll find a new and young texture to your skin with anti-aging skin care from Eminence. 
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