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7 Skin Care Travel Tips to Restore Youth and Beauty

by JJ Follano 19 Oct 2015 0 Comments
7 Skin Care Travel Tips to Restore Youth and Beauty
Whether you need skin care travel tips for vacation once a year or you are a Road Warrior headed for work, one thing traveling does is impact your beauty care! Different schedule, different environment, and different stresses on your body - all can throw your beauty regimen completely out of sync. It's time to travel in style. The signs of aging creep back into your face, your skin tone dulls, blemishes appear. Not good! So, what’s the solution? Try these seven travel tips: 1. Need a pick-me-up when traveling? Refresh your makeup by using a mister of mineral water and a little moisturizer. Never add more foundation or blush – your face will look like a messy mask! 2. Oiliness a problem? Bring along blotting papers to dab the “T” zone often. Removing excess oil without removing moisture will keep you looking fresh and ready to go. 3. Skip all-day lipsticks. They will dehydrate your lips and leave them looking dry and blotchy. Instead, use several coats of lip stain and a clear glass. Reapply the gloss often to keep moist and kissable lips.

Skin Care Travel Tips to Avoid Puffy, Tired Eyes

Holiday_2015_Must Have Minis4. Reading on the plane, watching movies, snoozing in the dry environment of the plane’s re-filtered air can all cause puffy eyes. Skin care travel tips include bringing along eye drops to lubricate and soothe your eyes and remove redness. To fight the puffiness, put ice in a washcloth and apply to the area under your eyes. It immediately makes you look fresher and more alert. 5. Avoid mascara and cream eye shadows when traveling. They tend to move around your face and leave your eye area looking bruised and messy when you nap while traveling. 6. While you travel, while you are at your destination, until you get back home – keep your hands off your face! Unknown bacteria are clamoring to get at your skin, so don’t help them by touching your face and transferring them to your skin to cause blemishes. Use an anti-bacterial soap to wash your hands before doing anything to your skin! 7. Take your beauty care products with you. Abrupt changes in skin care items can disrupt your skin’s balance and cause breakouts and irritation. Hmmm, “take your beauty care products with you.” What a pain to siphon off small amounts of your home beauty products into the little bottles to get through airport security! Want to do it a better, easier way?

Look Like a Travel Princess with Skin Care Travel Tips

Skin care travel tips are wrapped up with the Must Have Minis Gift Set by Eminence. The five products are packaged in a zippered pouch that’s perfect for travel (the sizes meet the airline restrictions). Best of all, they are perfect for all skin types and will keep you looking fantastic even as you travel. The Must Have Minis Set includes Stone Crop Gel Wash, Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer, Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, Bamboo Firming Fluid, and Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum. Each product is designed to fight the signs of aging while nourishing your skin and keeping it blemish free, toned and healthy. Use them for skin care travel tips and see yourself look like a Travel Princess rather than a Road Warrior! 
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